My Eye Started My Day

This morning when I woke up, I didn’t feel much eye pain but I could barely get my eye open. I went and looked at my face in the bathroom mirror and thought, holy crap!

My eye was puffed up like blown-up balloons. I did the hot water pack. This is when you wet the wash cloth with as hot of water as you can stand. Then you place it over the plugged tear gland, and then repeat as the water cools. You do this for about five minutes. Next you put the gooey gel in your eye lid.

Did you know that those tiny ducts are right beneath your eye lashes. I took a mirror and looked at my eye lid. I could see many tear duct holes. Yep, and I could see the one that was plugged too. Darn little bugger.

I thought,today is the day for my reading. What am I going to do. I can’t see well out of both eyes with the gel in them. I am going to have to go to the doctor to get an antibiotic.

One other time when I got this infection the gel didn’t work good enough so I had to have some Amoxicillin to help it along.  This seemed to be another time. I was ready to dial the doctor and then remembered it is Thursday. This is the day he is not in. Isn’t that the way it always works out?

I went to the Med-clinic, and I knew I was pushing it with time, as I had forty-five minutes until the book reading clinic. Thank goodness the office was empty. I got right in, but what I didn’t know was that each of the little rooms were filled, so I had to wait.

I let the noise of the screaming baby in the next room to me entertain me and then I glanced through a magazine that promises to make you beautiful. I should have read that one first. I didn’t get to finish it before Mr. Dr. came in.

I got my prescription I needed and thanked them quickly as I raced out of the office over to the restaurant. Great food but little parking. I drove around and around. Wait, let me off of this Merry-Go-Round! Someone get out here and get in your car so I can have your space! Hurry up and eat will you! LOL

Finally someone came out and I raced in. I was 12 minutes late, but others were just being seated also. I just sat down and had not even ordered, when I got an important call and had to leave.

I haven’t spoken about this yet and will not yet until I know more final details, but as usual it had to do with my brother. So no reading and no lunch. I went to see Al and he is having some stability issues. One thing is for sure at this place. Al and the staff’s words are complete opposites. There is supposed to be someone in the bathroom watching and assisting so Al can get washed up in the mornings. Al says there wasn’t and the staff says there was. Al said I almost fell. Staff says they knew nothing about it. Gees, get the stories straight somebody!

I did some talking to the office and visited with Al. His forehead is full of bloody scabs where he sits and digs. He was in bed as usual. The Parkinson’s was doing its shaky things. I stayed about an hour and told him I would see him at the hospital tomorrow morning around 9:15. He has the swallow test then.

Now I am home and my eye is sore but I have popped one antibiotic and will take another at bed time. Hopefully tomorrow it will feel better and not look like a Puffer fish. Here is a photo of the little doctor’s room I waited in and if you look closely at me waving you can see my one eye is's officemy eye

52 thoughts on “My Eye Started My Day

    • no there are no cameras, at least I don’t think so. that would take a way the right to privacy. I will be glad when this all gets settled, and of course when my eye gets better I will be much happier!!! LOL


      • too bad you can’t leave a mini camera in al’s room so you can find out what’s really going on. that would solve some problems. Good luck on your eye.. I’m fighting allergies.. thanks to the temp going up and hot every few days.. geez.


  1. Oh no! Everything happened at once! You are amazing to do all that you do and still have a sense of humor! Praying your eye gets better soon and Al’s test goes okay. God bless you!


  2. Bless your heart Terry. I’m so glad you went to be with your brother. There are so many people in this world who would have stayed to read, because I know how much that meant to you, yet you chose the greater thing and went to care for your brother. This was so much more pleasing to God…

    Be encouraged. What the enemy intended to use to harm you, God used for good. You weren’t just tempted today, you were tested, and you passed the test my sister, by putting your brother’s needs ahead of your own desires, and the Lord will honor that.

    May God continue to bless you, my friend!



    • thank you so much Cheryl. So many times I question myself asking if I am living the right way, the pleasing way for God and you have helped me to see that sometimes i do. thank u so much


  3. Sorry you didn’t get to do your reading and that Al is having issues with the staff at his care facility.Pyaying that things get better soon.


  4. Like the outfit too…and the boots… all dolled up and the phone rings…isn’t that the way!…but, being the good sister you are…you did the right thing…
    hope you can read again soon…and then maybe you will feel better…God must have a plan???


  5. Terry how do you manage to make all of this stuff sound so funny? Uff! I am almost always smiling or laughing through one of your posts. i do hope the antibiotics do their work soon so you don’t have to worry about looking like a puffer fish. From what I’ve seen those things are not very pretty all blown up, and God forbid that should happen to you *chews lip worriedly*

    In regards to Al and the facility, I would probably be more inclined to believe him. From what you’ve shared with us, Al seems like a straightforward guy, especially when it comes to things that make him feel uncomfortable. From my observation, his exaggerations are usually based off of something to begin with, after all there’s usually a fire where there’s smoke….even if it’s a teeny weeny incense stick. All things said, I do hope you are able to get to the bottom of this in a satisfactory manner. Neither of you should be feeling so troubled from something that was supposed to make both of your lives better. God-willing, the solution will be there when the time is right.

    I do hope that you eventually get to do your reading. They sure did miss out on quite the treat. We are so blessed to enjoy your work just about everyday, and although I don’t always have the time to go through everything, I know your pieces are awesome! 😀

    P.S. Did you ever consider sharing one of your one-off short stories with them too? 😀 Well, do have a good night’s rest! You need it to let the antibiotics perform their duty, ya know 😛


    • Hi my friend,
      I would share a story with anyone that wanted to listen. hehe
      I hope that things get straightened out too with my eye, Al and the facility crap.
      I tend to believe Al over staff but I thought I was partial. so glad you said what you did. makes me feel better


      • Lol! Well you’re a fantastic story-teller, so you have the right to share them with any one who will listen 😀

        We all tend to be partial where our close ones are involved, but when your instincts are really screaming at you- especially considering that you’ve been in that profession before- then you don’t allow your instincts to be cowed. Of course I’m not saying bulldoze in there :-P, just address whatever is there as long as it is feasible for him and you. <3<3<3


      • I understand Kadeen, although I will admit there have been times when steam was coming out my nostrils I was so upset about something, but when I walked into Al’s room or up to the office, my plastic smile was back on top and steam had vanished as a ghost. i do get emotionally involved, and i try to back off because others don’t feel about Al like I do, but it is hard


  6. So sorry to hear… usually it can stress related… it happened to me due to an eye cream issue and too much stress as the bacteria around our eyelids multiply very quickly when stressed. Thus, “Lid Care” is a soft soap to help cleanse that are too as recommended by optometrists, and I switched eye creams as well… Hugss…..


  7. You’re looking very trendy there .. at the clinic. Glad that you went and I hope that you take it easy, because sitting in front of a screen with eye infections is the best cure. See you … when things feels good. Thinking of you.


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