FWF Free Write Friday; Seven Doors

http://kellieelmore.comfwf-badge-pinkseven doors

I think that I will pick number three

The door of Wonderland

You may not know my inquisitive ways

But I know there are mysteries so grand.

To experience life and what it has

To offer if we just walk

Through open doors we can not see

Thus making our lips to talk.

Why settle for what we now know

Why not experience all we can

Why stay in stagnant stage forever

Come on and take my hand.

Let’s open our minds and and stretch

Our souls and explore door number three

Let’s not remember what has stopped us before

Let fear be tossed, let’s walk, just you and me.

Terry Shepherd


18 thoughts on “FWF Free Write Friday; Seven Doors

    • so nice to meet you graypoet. I love it when friends stop by for a chat. Kellie is a wonderful person that I love writing for. I write short stories, poetry, and am on my second book. feel free to stop by at anytime and remember to always say hi


  1. Beautiful Terry. I love Wonderland, but it’s too scary for me. I love Westeros, but it’s too violent for me. I’ll choose Camelot as I respond to it on a deeper level. It’s the honorable thing to do.


    • thank you so much Rebecca. I read your posts but it will not and has not let me comment for some time. I follow you but that is as far as I get. each time I go to your blog it treats me like a first time visitor. I don’t know what it is that is happening. so nice to see you again my friend


    • with these words that you say, they are starting to sink in. I may have something that others enjoy. my mind is always wandering about other people. thank you dear friend for always encouraging me


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