Reflection of my Love

Her hair was flowing

It smelled like flowers

It reminded me

Of spring showers

Eyes that were so bright

Eyes the color of blue

Skin so milky white

Wishing I was with you

Lying next to me

Made my heart flutter

When the lights were turned out

There was no other

You fit so perfectly

When you laid  close to me

It was like two puzzle pieces

A ship meeting the sea

Now I lay here all alone

Staring up above

Wishing you were here

My darling my love

I will never forget

The last time you laid here

When your heart stopped beating

And I trembled with fear

The doctors told me

There was no more hope

God took you to heaven

Yet I can still not cope.

Terry Shepherd





12 thoughts on “Reflection of my Love

    • because that is what I have lived for over 20 years being a caregiver. I get inside the souls of my patients and live with them up to the end. I am dong better though at adding more humor thanks to you


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