Can You Finish This?

English: Modular Sleep System (MSS)

I went to bed too late

And woke up at six

I thought this isn’t right

Let’s sleep for kicks.

Fell back to sleep right a way

Dreamed heavily I know

For when I awoke my brain was charged

It was racing and on the go.

I could remember words that my mind had said

I was trying so hard to memorize them

I had no pen nothing to write them down

And now I’ve lost most of the gems.

The words I do remember

Are still stuck in my head

I can tell you what they were

Maybe you can figure out what was said.

As I lay here on the ground

And the guns are going off

I know that these people are trying

To silence me God don’t let me be found.

Well that is what I still remember, and the rest of the words were taken from my mind. I wish that I knew what the ending of this poem was and what I was actually trying to say. Maybe you can finish this. If you write something let me know so I can share with you.



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