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What role does music play in your life?


When I was a teenager, it was normal to listen to music. To know every tune and every word was just a fact of life. We played it or at least I did from the time I turned the alarm off up until I set the alarm for the next morning.

Memories of mom and dad dance in my head as I go back in time and can still see mom coming into my room unannounced and yelling at me to turn that music down. Why did she yell? Because she loved me. She tried so very hard to put up with the bam bam bam for the sake of love but just could not endure it any longer.

When we would be in the car as a family I would be forced to listen to their slow music and then after my young nerves were shot I would ask them to turn the dial to a station I was familiar with. Dad always piped up with a straight no. There was no thought even put in it. Almost like a military NO. Mom would agree with him by putting her words of,who can even understand that garbage. Wow, it is awesome to sometimes go back in time and see the circle of life.

When I became a parent of a teen I didn’t have the struggle that my parents did. The music of the eighties was awesome. I could understand the words, and I loved the beat. But then the music went out and the nineties rolled in like thunder. This was a different story now.

No miss nice girl. It was I am turning that station. Quick, where is that remote? I turned to country while the rest of the hip peeps were listening to the garbage, well that is what I called it. Sounds like mom doesn’t it?

When rap came to town I was like get me the hell out of dodge. I could not stand it. I stayed with my country, and I incorporated the eighties and listened to the sixties and seventies. I still do listen to one rapper, Eminem because I love the stories he tells.

Now all that is behind me. I have raised my kids. I have been divorced, and I am older. Viveka has introduced me to symphonies and orchestra music. I have been listening to The Piano Guys. I listen to the sounds of the oceans.

Music today is not so I can fit in. I don’t care what others are listening to. For me and the life I live today, my stress runs high some times so I listen to music that relaxes my soul. I even have a web page here at WordPress for music lovers. If you have never visited please feel free. The link is; http://mymusicthatcalmsme.wordpress.com

Funny how the circle of life becomes complete. I was the child, the teen and the mommy and now I search for peace and quiet.

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Musical/ The Daily Post

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  2. I was introduced to the radio at a young age and loved it. I’m partial to disco and 70s rock. If you like the piano guys you may like Lindsey Stirling, its violin dubstep , beautiful . My favorite album/soundtrack is the final fantasy x. Hymn of the fayth is so beautiful. Its odd to like a soundtrack for a video game but this is peaceful. Especially having played the game so many times.


    • hi I did ponder on if you were alright. The sad thing is we become a family and we care about each other. but i have no way of knowing if something is wrong when someone is gone for a period of time. this is why i am so grateful to see you back!!


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