Life With a Bump Or Is It a Flat?

Flat tire.

What a day! What a day! I knew I was picking up Al to take him out to lunch. It got time to leave and I went outside and before I even got close to the car, I saw it. A too low of tire. Oh no!

I don’t really know how to change a tire and even if I did, my diabetic fingers would probably not let me take the lug nuts off with the tool. I got a hold of my son to see if he could come fix it. I guess I was playing games with myself. Hoping I could make this in to a quickie job and still be out to get Al

My son didn’t answer, and then it was like a V-8 moment,OnSar! Yes, so I hurried and checked my policy for what coverage I had and sure enough, there it was flat tires. I had to get in my cold car and talk to them on my car phone. I froze but I started to adjust quickly, but my feet never do. My diabetic feet can not handle even chilly weather or I get terrible prickly pains along with burning.

I called them and they responded immediately, but with it being Sunday the only ones that would or could come were almost an hour a way. Well shucks, I had no choice but to accept this and I thanked God I was not along some highway having to wait for an hour. This hour turned into an hour and a half as the instructions were given as East of Warsaw, instead of West.

While I waited inside my warm house for the tire man to come I called the nurse and said that I would be in later. I explained what happened and asked her to give the message to Al that I was sorry I could not take him to lunch today, but I would be out to visit as soon as I could.

Finally the gentleman showed up. He was very nice and good-looking too.Β  Darn, it I heard him mention his wife. Why are all the good ones taken? LOL He found a tiny nail stuck in the tire and put the spare on. Unfortunately the spare was a doughnut tire and had already been driven.

When he completed his task and was on his way I had to call back the nurse and say I could not come at all today. I didn’t want to put the extra miles on that little tire. I have always heard they have about fifty miles on them. So if I would have gone to see him and came home I still had the trip of getting to the tire shop tomorrow. Plus in about an hour the ice is supposed to start hammering down.

The nurse understood and said she would tell Al. I felt so much guilt in disappointing him. This is when I kick myself in the butt. I shouldn’t feel guilty. I did nothing to make this happen, but yet I knew he would be disappointed. I promised the nurse that unless I died, I would be out sometime tomorrow.

So now it is after 2 and I am hungry. Going to fix myself some lunch and take off my good clothes and slip into a nice warm house robe. May as well enjoy today because tomorrow is another day filled with who knows what.



47 thoughts on “Life With a Bump Or Is It a Flat?

  1. I’m glad you were at home when it happened. Be kind to yourself. It wasn’t your fault. Tomorrow is another day and maybe the weather will be better too. Take care.


    • you know even though i didn’t mention in the post was my thoughts were what was God saving me from by a flat tire here, a bad accident, we don’t know, but i know that he wanted it to happen and he allowed it to happen here at home where i could stay safe and warm


  2. “May as well enjoy today because tomorrow is another day filled with who knows what.”

    Terry, I want a T-shirt with that on it. Well, maybe it would have to be an XL shirt but still.




  3. Cold weather has taken the air out of a tire on Bobby’s truck…I was hopeing that was all it was…He had them check it and that’s what they said…Sorry about your lunch with Al…
    maybe weather will be OK for you to take him out soon…If we didn’t learn how to roll with way things happen we would be in bad shape…Life seems to teach us that!


    • you are so right Marilyn. I am slowly learning that I can’t control everything. I can not keep disappointment out of Al’s life, let alone mine. I do feel bad for him. I know he looked forward to getting on the outside, but maybe this week


  4. Sounds like you handled everything as best you could. I really appreciate you counting the blessings in the midst of it all! It is so wonderful to know that it happened for your good!
    28) And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.
    (Romans 8:28)

    Lord bless.


  5. So happy you got help from a nice and handsome knight – and that you made it safely home – also very happy to read that you have realized that you don’t need to feel guilty for everything that goes wrong … for Al. He are in good hands, and you phoned.. so he will be okay and tomorrow … is another day. New adventures, both the ones we want to remember and those we can live without.


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