Can Anyone Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

Cherry Tomato Plant with Lettuces. May 23, 2009.

Cream cheese on a bagel.

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I just hate to go to the grocery store anymore. Believe it or not I used to count around five bags of groceries for about forty dollars a week. These weren’t those flimsy plastic bags either, although I do use them for trash bags too. They were the paper sacks that were filled to the brim, like Folgers coffee, remember the phrase?

So I wish that someone could teach me a few things. I live in an area where I can’t have a garden. But I have heard of planting things in patio pots, like clay pots? What can I plant? When should I buy the seeds and start? What kind of dirt will I need?

Also, I eat  too much dairy according to the blood tests. But I can’t take sugars, white, carbs and dairy totally out. What would I be left with to eat? Veggies? Yes, they are good but do I want to live on them on my dinner plate daily? No.

Can I make my one sour cream? If so how do I do it? Can I make my own cream cheese? If so how do I do it? I am just curious. What makes me madder than a hornet’s nest is paying double price for organic foods. To me organic is what I ate growing up. Foods grown in the garden with no chemicals. Now, I have to pay extra to eat the premium health foods. This is why I want to know about the patio veggie plantings.

Can anyone teach me?

50 thoughts on “Can Anyone Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

  1. I really wish I was able to grow things on my own. I seem to kill every plant I come in contact with. My 17-year-old daughter tells me all the time that shes surprised I kept her alive for this long.


  2. Can’t have a garden? I’d move where I could have a garden. Look into Earth Boxes they fit on patios. I have used them, have them, and they work really well. Look into your areas County Extension Office to see what and when you should plant. I live here in South West Florida so what and when I can plant will be different from what you can plant as I imagine our Zones for planting will be different. Look on Face Book for local Gardening groups that have pages on FB You will have to do some research but what you learn will all be good. Growing organic is not necessarily any cheaper – seeds and soil all cost money.
    Where are you located? Also check out your local College or University for courses on gardening.


  3. Check out the blog Outlaw Garden ( I don’t know how to do a link here, but you can get there from my blog roll). There’s a great yahoo group called Organic Homesteading and Gardening…I’ve learned so much from them! And check out the cookbook Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

    There are a zillion ways to eat veggies…I’ve got a meatloaf in the oven right now that is half grated veggies, half beef. The side dishes are kale, and smashed ” potatoes”… Half potatoes and 1/4 sunchokes, 1/4 zucchini. Very low glycemic index, and lots of fiber and flavor.

    I grow mostly in containers, hence the name ” No Acre Homestead”. Last year we grew tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, squash, peas, beans, beets, radishes, carrots, parsnips, blueberries, lettuce, broccoli, and even corn. I also recommend anything about Square Foot Gardening or French Intensive gardening about what plants can be squished together. Growing food and cooking food..two of my favorite subjects, besides eating food!


  4. Terry, I hate grocery shopping too. My husband is an expert mostly because he use to manage stores. He knows the tricks they do and out does them. He does one big shopping a week and I love him for it. He also grows a garden Now he taught me you can plant herbs in pots. Just buy the seeds, and some inexpensive pots and dirt and plop them in it. Read the directions as to how much sun or water they need. It is fun too; last year I had basil and fresh parsley. You can also plant tomatoes in pots the same way; you will have to add a stick or something strong to hold the plant up once it gets tall and it will. Most are done in the summer when it is warm.

    I have many house plants that I thought I would kill; but hey flourish and I love them! every spring I love going to lowes picking out some cheap annuals and planting them in the yard or in pots. One thing about growing them is they make me happy and add such color to your surroundings. It is a real feeling of accomplishment.


    • i go to lowes also in the spring! I want to try the planting in clay pots. mainly I would like to grow tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers. fresh herbs would be nice too. I wonder if i can grow the herbs inside? do you know?


      • let me ask my husband the gardener. Mark says yes you can grow herbs inside. Do you have a porch? If so you can grow tomatoes, peppers in pots also. Some areas have community gardens. There was one in the place we use to live in and it was wonderful! U might look into that or find someone who has property that might allow you to have an outside garden; that’s what Mark did.


      • I don’t have a porch nor do I have the tools for actual gardening. the patio type in pots is going to work best for me. i think i will give the indoor herb growing a try until i can place seeds for spring. I live in Indiana, so I assume I start the seeds in March? (tomatoes etc)


  5. Terry the patio garden sounds like a great idea. Try to find a whole foods or trader joes or some kind of health store in your area—there are a lot of good dairy substitutes out there which can help you reduse dairy intake. I use the brand “So Delicious” they have a coconut milk sub which is great and I use their coconut milk coffee creamer. And they also have their version of ice cream as well.


  6. There are many things that you can plant, start inside and put out at the right time, it kind of depends on what you want. I agree with Backyard Universe, check out local areas, cooperative extension services, etc. But another good resource is seed catalogs and nurseries. A lot of seed catalogs, like Parks actually sell seed starter kits that are very good, I use them myself. There are also grow bags as well as different types of planters that are very useful. Another resource is Amazon, check out their garden section for books, planters and all kinds of supplies. Your local nursery can tell you as well what kind of plants grow well in your area. Some plants it is cheaper to buy already started, especially if you just want a few, like tomatoes for instance, and the nursery will have several options. God bless you my friend!


  7. re sugar. Try Stevia–natural, no artificial stuff, not sugar, but tastes and even cooks like sugar. I think it is also sold under the name Truvia.


  8. Sorry to report that although you’ve linked to my blog’s “The Tomatoes Bloom In Winter” post, it’s not really about growing tomatoes in the winter. Instead, it’s a story excerpt from something I’ve published.
    Though I do know enough about veggies to be able to tell you that there still may be pesticides on your expensive organic produce. They’re just ‘natural’ ones like pyrethrins derived from chrysanthemums. Still poisonous, still hard to wash off, still concentrate in fatty tissues just like the artificial ones.
    And I do know enough to be able to tell you that when Mother Nature doesn’t kill off the tomatoes I try growing every year, they’re far tastier than the store varieties. Because I don’t have to pick them half-ripe to be hard enough to endure shipping, and I don’t grow varieties that are bred for the same durability. Even the hybrids bred for yield and toughness in shipping taste better if you grow them yourself and pick them when they’re fully ripe.


  9. Terry, there are hanging type pots you can grow tomatoes in. They are kind of like upside-down hanging pots. Here is a photo. And here is a site with suggestions about suitable veggies to grow in pots Hope this helps. I would personally start with small plants rather than seeds because I have never had much luck with seeds. I have never had a veggie garden, but I have pretty good success with indoor plants and used to have a nice flower garden outside years ago.


  10. Being a diabetic is not easy! I was diagnosed in 85 but pretty sure I had it for yrs before then. At first I had a very hard time, now I know I can have 120 carbs a day and I make sure I don’t go over that. It works for me. I know it’s hard but you can do it!


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