Daily Prompt; Ode to a Playground


A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.

I miss the laughter

The fullness of the house

Kids everywhere

Never quiet like a mouse.

Parties for no reason

Foods being made late

Never time to think lonely

Always marking  calendar dates.

Watching my kids grow

From babies to teens

Sharing each day

This was definitely the canteen

English: Kids playground


Now they are grown

With kids of their own

My house is so silent

And I feel often alone.

This is the time

That I can explore

What life has to offer

So I’m sitting no more.

I miss this part of my life

And what it used to be

But life must move on

So now it is time for me.

Terry Shepherd


14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Ode to a Playground

  1. Terry, very nice … as you said life goes on – and childhood is only memories, good and less good today. How is your eye by the way ???? What was wrong??? You can start with give yourself a SPA day.


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