Hanging In or Hanging Out

Day 135 Cough cough

No I am not dead

I have it in the head

With eye infection still

Some bronchitis against my will

I coughed all of last night

This morning I looked a fright

I have had many well wishes

You all are perfect dishes

I am sorry I have not replied

When I sit up I feel like I have died

It has been a whole hour

The cough has not had the power

I think this is really good

I may soon be out of the woods

Terry Shepherd



30 thoughts on “Hanging In or Hanging Out

  1. I’m so sorry you’re sick! It sounds like you have part of what I had last week. I hope feel better soon. Eat lots of Chicken noodle soup and drink lots of orange juice.


  2. Hope you’re feeling a bit better today – take it easy and take a good break from the blogging – so glad you got away to the doctor, because bronchitis isn’t anything that goes away by itself – you need antibiotics for that.
    Stay in bed, spoil your self .. read a good book – the computer and we .. will still be here.


  3. I’m glad to see that even though you are not feeling well you still have your sense of humor. That is something that can get us through some of life’s difficult moments. Hope tomorrow brings much more improvement.


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