Hurry! Hurry!

sunny day

Give me sun

Give me warmth

Let’s get together

And have some fun.

Sick of being inside

Sick of the snow

Sick of the cold

Gonna go run and hide.

The groundhog didn’t see

His shadow this year

Now I am marking the dates

Til I see buds on the trees.

House smells like food

From this Christmas past

The windows need opened

So it can smell good.

I want to hear

The birds singing outside

I want to see flowers

Growing very near.

Come on snow

Be on your way

Let spring come early

Way before May.

Terry Shepherd


Roller Coaster Ride

Wow, what a ride this has been. It hasn’t been fun like a roller coaster at Disney World, but it has definitely been a ride. Sometimes it has scared me but thankfully sleep has happened so much the fear didn’t have time to escalate.

That is one of the eerie things about being sick and living alone. What if I don’t get better? What if I need to go to the ER? What if I cough myself to death? LOL

I wrote to you earlier and told you I thought I was getting better because I had a short spell of no coughing. I was wrong. I finished the antibiotic the doctor had given me, but I was really no better. When I breathed it sounded like violin strings were playing in my lungs, but the sounds were not pretty.

I was placed on a new antibiotic and for the very first time in eight days I can breathe without hearing the strings. There is still the coughing going on but I think it is not quite as strong. I am drinking a cup of coffee, which is the first time in these past eight days. It taste pretty darn good.

I still feel pretty weak. My legs wobble when I walk but I did take a shower and managed to stay standing long enough to shave the jungle that had started growing under my arm pits. LOL

I have lost nine pounds as of this morning. I know that I have not eaten as much but I think I have worked so many muscles in the trunk area that this is where I have lost so much weight. Exercise, we must get our exercise. Did you know that I have muscles that I didn’t even know worked? LOL Abdomen muscles, wow, maybe I will become a female body builder. maxineHehe

Well anyways, I think I am beginning to recover. I still have not seen my brother but have called his facility and have asked about him. The nurses always tell me the same old thing, stay a way! We don’t want it! I bet it is my raspy voice that is scaring them off. I really hope with the weather being up towards the forties this weekend, I will be able to feel good enough to take Al his soda and snacks. Although I don’t feel well enough yet to see him, I don’t want him to go without the things that he depends on so much. So please say a prayer that I am able to drive and go see him this weekend. Hugs to all of you. I have missed you!