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English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.


Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I do not believe in reincarnation. My belief is that God created us and God takes us back to dust. We go to heaven or we go to hell according to how we lived our lives.

If I was going to possibly return after my death, I would love to come back as a butterfly. I would be light with no weight problems. I would be beautiful and admired but never jealous of. I would add smiles to people’s lives. As most people who observe a butterfly do so with hope of a new Spring, sunshine and faith for the future.

I would be delicate with no over-bearing attitude. I would never be guilty of hurting others with painful words. If I would find myself blending in too well  where I was I could easily fly into a new area.

I would be among other beautiful butterflies. We would all be equal with no one believing they were more beautiful or ranking higher than another. What a beautiful world I would live in.

Now I am forced to think daily on decisions that I make, which words I choose to say, and I can decide how I want my inner and outer body to look. I can almost make too many decisions but have to suffer the consequences of some  my choices. It is a hard road to follow but the grand prize in the end for me is heaven. To walk among my Lord is well worth the efforts that I make each day.

35 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Karma Chameleon/ The Daily Post

  1. I think reincarnation makes more sense than heaven or hell. I think those places were invented by people who needed some explanation for death. I wouldn’t mind finding out if there was a heaven when I die. I wouldn’t mind seeing my parents. I actually think we just die, decompose, and turn into earth. I figure it’s like being born. I don’t remember anything before that. Death is a natural thing, and nothing to be afraid of. I’d like to come back as a wild horse. That would be very cool!


    • I agree with you on certain points. death is a natural thing and nothing to be afraid of. what scares me is the belief i carry within my own person that if there is a hell i will regret not choosing a life that will place me in heaven. i find it too late to discover the truth once i am dead as I can not change a thing. there are many beliefs in the world and I appreciate your beliefs. Why would you like to come back as a wild horse? I think this is an intriguing idea!!!


  2. Ah, terry1954, you see you have already had your own reincarnation experience today. Not too bad an idea, I think. I like your word pictures of yourself as a butterly. Hope you have a better weekend!


  3. No I don’t believe in reincarnation, because I think that one life is enough for most of us. Maybe that when somebody dies … a baby is born, but I don’t think they two souls are connected as such. And if I come back I want to be a fat lazy cat .. spoiled. *smile


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  5. I agree Terry…I do not believe in reincarnation….As I said to another today…Jesus came only once to pay for our sins…so if we were reborn that means he’d have to do it again…and that’s not scriptural…We must make the most we can of the days we are here on earth….’you mentioning butterflies though reminds me of one of may aunts who loved them and said every time you see one…think of me when I’m not here anymore…and I do!….Diane


    • that is so precious. There is a movie with Robin Williams in it called Patch Adams. I have to admit it is one of my favorite movies. The woman he loved passed a way and came back as a butterfly leaving hope for the future. Have you seen this movie?


  6. It’s funny you should be writing about butterflies today. I was talking to a friend this afternoon and telling her I would love to go to the butterfly museum. There are actually 2 of them, but one is only half the distance – a little over an hour, I think. There are all kinds of live butterflies there. Check out the kinds of butterflies they have there. http://www.cambridgebutterfly.com/conservatory/butterflies/guide-to-butterflies-in-the-conservatory


    • oh my gosh Diane, those are so beautiful!!!!! thank u so much for sharing them with me. I try to plant flowers in the spring that will attract butterflies. I just love their beauty


      • Glad you enjoyed the site. If I ever get there I’m going to take lots of pictures. I Googled butterfly museums in the US, and there seem to be a lot of them – several in Florida – but nothing in Indiana that I could find. Too bad.


  7. I do not believe in reincarnation, although I often joke that I must have been a bat in a former life because I like it dark and dreary instead of sunny!! This was a beautiful writing, but, being the cynical soul that I am sometimes, I first thought of what a short lifespan the butterfly has!! lol


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