Medication and Heartburn

Bottle of Antacid tablets

I love Robin Williams

So am watching Hook

It is much better

Than reading a book.

Today I was blessed

With what some would say

Some of my voice is back

I am definitely on my way.

I have never been so sick

And for this long

The house has been quiet

But today I sang a song.

I have taken so many meds

My ability to fight is now down

Now my stomach is irritated

And my smile is now a frown.

I am over half way done

Taking this last set of meds

I can not afford to stop

So now taking antacids.

Just let me make it

A few more days

I promise I will be good

And I will mend my ways.

Let Spring come to visit

Let the sun shine on me

Let the warmth finish healing

Let’s go run you and me.

Terry Shepherd



22 thoughts on “Medication and Heartburn

    • today has been the best day so far. I actually was able to move around without as much coughing. I actually have part of my voice back!!!!! Thanks Deana for being here for me through this


      • thank you Deana. It feels good to be back. It makes me so aware of people who are suffering from terminal illness as I battled through this for over two weeks. I m not completely well yet but there is hope. how the terminally ill must feel inside. faith is definitely a thing we need to cling to for tomorrowos


    • thank you my dear friend. I am hoping if the weather is not rainy and I am improving yet tomorrow that maybe I can see my brother on Sunday? or at least Monday. I have really missed him


    • I didn’t think I would get stomach heart burn from the medication but I did. As long as I can take tums I can hopefully take the rest. I am just over half way through this bottle. thanks for caring my friend!!


  1. I’ve been away for a while now. I remember your saying you were coming down with something bad, but I had no idea you were so sick! So glad you are on the mend!


    • thank you Lynda. I am sorry you have been a way. I guess we did it together right? I will be so glad when my medication is all gone. half way through it!!!!! getting a bit better each day!


  2. Antibiotic upset stomach.. it will come down so soon you have taken them all.
    So the heartburn can come from them – you should give your doctor a ring – normally there is some instruction packed with all medicine and there you can read about side effects. Take care of yourself.


    • I am surprised that is all I have as it is one of the side effects of this med. considering i have been on two different types of medications i am surprised i am not down sized to a bowl of jello. hehe


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