Exercise That Trunk!!

English: A dumpsters in the rural area of Jordan.

I did it! The sun was shining, the skies are blue, and it is a big 36 degrees outside. I could no longer resist. I put on my heaviest sweat pants and a big bulky sweatshirt. Put my kitty cat hat on so my ears were totally covered and my coat. Slipped on my winter boots and went out and started the lonely car.

I am surprised it started as it is used to having attention paid to it. It started right up so I let it warm up while I went inside and gathered the trash and all the loose rugs. I took the rugs outdoors and let some fresh air sink into them. I got in my car and felt slightly out-of-place. Should I give up my license since I have not driven for so long? LOL.

I put the car in drive and let it lead me to the main dumpster areas and got rid of the trash. Then I visited the mail box at the center of the park. I got the mail. I was afraid to open the mailbox as maybe the mail would fall out onto the ground, but it was cool.

One day earlier this week my neighbor went to get my mail for me, but you know how junk mail can over take a tiny box.

Oh the fresh air. Oh how I let if fill my nostrils. So crisp and clear. I am not well enough to open my mouth and take all of that fresh air into my lungs but I sure wanted to. I didn’t run around or anything. I was good and came straight home.

I patted the dash-board and told my car I would miss her but I would be back soon and then got out and locked the doors. I came back inside and I was a little sweaty. Probably because I have not done much moving around for fear of coughing. As long as I felt good I went ahead and swept my bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen.

After this I brought in my rugs and put them back in their familiar spots. I had to end up washing up as I was a little clammy by then. I got back in my house coat and slippers. You know this outfit is beginning to feel almost too comfortable.

I am so proud! My house is cleaner than yesterday. I got some fresh air. I visited my car and the mailbox and even the trash dumpsters. See how little it takes to amuse me? I have coughed some but not too bad. That’s it for the day. No more excitement, but I can definitely tell healing is taking place.

Please be careful of whose air you inhale. You don’t want this. It causes every muscle in your trunk area to become exercised and very sore from constant coughing. It does very little for sleeping at nights. I have learned to sleep sitting up and have become quite good at it. I don’t know if this type of weird bronchitis could become fatal but I am so thankful I am not in my seventies and eighties. So take care of yourself and don’t go down the road I have. It is definitely the wrong turn.

42 thoughts on “Exercise That Trunk!!

  1. Good to hear some more of that pep is back in your words and your step. Hey, I rhymed! πŸ˜€ Do take care of yourself and try not to over exert. I doubt your doc would be smiling very much over the dusting activities {-_^}



  2. Glad you had a little adventure. πŸ™‚ now take it easy. Don’t relapse. I’ve done that too many times myself and ended up sick for nearly two months. Sending warm thoughts from sunny Florida. πŸ™‚


  3. have had bronchitis and do not want it again!! I took a week off before my surgery next week to avoid all the sick people that come in my workplace…I work at Walgreens. I have been terrified I would get sick and not be able to have the surgery!! so glad you felt up to doing some stuff today, but please don’t overdo!!


  4. So glad you had a little “break” from the sickroom atmosphere. I’m sure it did you a world of good even if it didn’t last long. Probably cleared your mind some, too. But it does sound like you are on the mend. Hopefully it won’t take too many more days to completely leave you.


    • I am not going out today at all because I am allergic to something in the air when it rains and I don’t want to lose my improvement. So since I am staying inside, u can too!!! LOL


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