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You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

This one is an easy answer for me. I have to try it while listening to someone describe it. I went to college. I tried following a long in the books but it didn’t work. I took notes and then went home and read the chapters alone in a quiet atmosphere. I made more notations and then saved them.

I can’t read and learn at the same time. I always thought I may have some disability with comprehension. I have to read something, highlighting what I think is  was important. Then I would go back and dissect it to learn.

I would take my notes back to class and pick-up more key notes but even then, I would wait until the  night before a test and pull out all of my notes and study. This is how I learn anything.

If I have bought something that needs put together I will toss the directions to the side. I will try to put it together from my eye’s view first. Only if I don’t succeed within a reasonable amount of time will I glance over the photograph descriptions, never reading the words.

I know it sounds strange but this is how I learn. I don’t like reading that well unless it has grabbed my attention in the first couple of pages. Research is another thing that gets me excited. I love to research. Since I love antiques, I will spend many hours looking at every thing I can find. This is a major thrill to me.

Everything I have learned about antiques through the years has been done by research and hands on training. I don’t know if I do have a weird way of learning but at my age, who cares. They say you learn the most in your first five years of life. Now I look at anything new I learn is definitely a bonus.

23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Teachable Moment/ The Daily Post

  1. I cannot learn a new skill simply by reading instructions. I need someone to either show me or walk me through step by step. I’m like you with all the stuff that comes unassembled these days. The pictures sometimes help, but written instructions usually only confuse the issue. When I bought my computer desk (a large one with file drawers and a hutch) I paid an extra $50.00 to have it assembled before they delivered it. I knew, first of all, that I didn’t have room in my bedroom to do the assembling, and then I also knew I would not be capable of putting that many pieces together and getting it right. It was worth the extra money. When I ordered my file cabinet – a wooden one with 2 double-width drawers that looks like a dresser – I was fortunate that it was already assembled because it was a floor model, so no extra cost to me. 🙂 Now assembling words – that’s an entirely different story.


    • I have to giggle Diane, because I always look for the floor models so I won’t have to assemble. That computer desk of yours would have taken me all day and then I probably would not have the screws tight enough so eventually it would have fallen apart. LOL


      • I would never have been able to put the desk together. The hutch has a lot of slots and besides the 2 file drawers with sliding file rails there is also a door where the tower goes. I don’t have a tower any more as I have a Compac computer with this nice little thing that sits on top of my desk so the little “cupboard” is where I keep all my printer paper in all sorts of colors and my card stock. The last box of paper I bought turned out to be 5,000 sheets when I thought it was only 2500, so it takes up a lot of space to store it. I gave 4 packages of it to the pastor for church use because I don’t know when I would ever work through 5,000 sheets! I should take a picture of the desk sometime so you can see what I mean.


      • It sure was! I couldn’t figure out in the store why I couldn’t lift the box into the cart. I always get a box of 2500 and it’s not that difficult to lift. I had to take all the packages out separately then put them back into the box. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized just how many packages there were. And it was the same price I paid last time for 2500 so I got twice as much for the same price. Can’t complain about that! 🙂


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