Stolen Moments


The moon shines bright

Casting shadows on

The two who meet

Under the stars.

Secrets being whispered

Of desires from deep within

Passion coming to surface

As the two touch.

Feeling like it is the first time

Hands roam freely

Lips touch with fire

Eyes have locked.

He cups her face

She leans into him

He raises her soul

The two become one.

Back in their bed

They smile at each other

As they celebrated once more

Another Valentine’s night.

Terry Shepherd


23 thoughts on “Stolen Moments

      • Actually it went up to somewhere between 40′ and 50′ today but it is back down to 32′ and feels like 20′. The low for tonight is supposed to be 25′. Snow is forecast again for tomorrow. I’m not thrilled about that. The storm on Friday was more than enough to suit me. We did have sunshine all day Saturday and half the day yesterday and that was really nice.


      • it was sunny today and 35. I keep hearing lake effect snow for the forecast this weekend which doesn’t make me happy at all, lake effect means inches of snow


      • It’s 28′ here now and I haven’t seen any of that snow yet – thank heavens. It’s supposed to be 32′ tomorrow and sunny with clouds then 35′ on Thursday with snow/rain mix. I don’t like the sound of that either, but I don’t have to go out on Thursday now. I was going to go to the show with a friend, but the first showing was 3:30 and it’s a nearly 3 hour show, so we decided to go to the 12:30 one on Saturday instead. We’ll have lunch at the food court in the mall first so we won’t be too late getting home. Laura and I usually get together on the first Saturday of the month to go for lunch then back to my place to watch a movie. But she has free movie tickets and free drinks and popcorn, so that’s pretty good. We’re going to see The Hobbit.


      • I haven’t been to a show in over six years. I have heard the Hobbit is a good movie. I am a little skiddish about movie theaters with all the shootings going on here. free tickets and popcorn, what a deal!


      • It sure is. The place where Laura used to work gave the same thing to her every Christmas and we have done this for several years now. But last year there just wasn’t a movie we wanted to see, so she saved them for The Hobbit. She hasn’t worked there for a few months now, so this is the last time for the freebees. But I did get a gift card for the theater as well as a coupon book. Unfortunately a couple of the coupons are past due date, but there is one for a 2 for 1 deal up to March 31 and a free movie in my birthday month, so I hope there is something decent playing at those times.


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