Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

Children's Valentine, 1940–1950

Children’s Valentine, 1940–1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have learned so much

By my friends here at WordPress

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers

But for them and all others.

I had thought of my brother Al

Thinking of giving him candy

But then I thought he may look at me

And think I was silly and too full of glee.

So I asked all of you what your opinion was

I had so many responses that made me smile

You all said the same as the  other

Valentines are not just for lovers.

So I have made up my mind

To do what feels good to me

I will purchase a box of sweets

And a card for his treats.

I will go even one more step

And buy myself a nice candy bar

This way Al and I can share

As others will  everywhere.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

26 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

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    • Happy Valentine’s Day to you also my friend. My time with my brother was good. He only showed brief tears through his struggles. He got to go out with a driver after I left. This helps his outlook on the day so much


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