What Happened?


I am not bitching ; I am just wondering.

Today when I went out I had to go to the bank and have some papers noterized. Now I have gone to this bank for over fifteen years. Everyone in there knows me. There was one new girl working today. She could have been a fill in or maybe a new employee. It didn’t matter.

She gave me a hard time. My bank account number was not good enough. All the information I gave her verbally she could verify through her computer. She called over two other tellers and ask them if they recognized me. One said yes and the other said no.

I looked her in the eye and said, “how can you say this? You wait on me all the time. You and I set up accounts for my brother here”. She played dumb. I don’t know what was going on behind the counter at the bank today, but I didn’t want to be a part of it. After words were exchanged for several minutes, I finally got my way and left without saying goodbye.

The second incident happened when I was leaving the grocery store parking lot. I saw a cart to the side of my car. I checked to see how close it was to my car door. I know I should have taken it back to the cart storage area but it was windy and I just didn’t want to have my lungs have that much chilly air plus the winds so I left it sitting where it was.

I got in my car and a fancy white car pulled up in the same area I was only two car spots down. I started my car as the forty-year something guy got out of his car. He walked over to the cart that was by me and he swung it around in full circle.

He was not paying attention to my car or maybe he really was. He came so close to taking off the paint on my car that I actually ducked my head with my hands. It made me very nervous. He looked at me and mouthed something at me that didn’t look very nice. I swear I didn’t do anything. He must have been having a bad morning and decided to take it out on anyone near him.

What makes people lose the respect for other humans? If I would have acted like that with my mother around she would have reprimanded me so bad. What is the saying? Treat others as you would have others treat you?

This is not the only time I have observed such things in public. It always makes me wonder what goes on behind closed doors at home. I have seen kids running through the grocery store knocking things off of shelves while a parent is talking on a cell phone.

I have seen parents slap a kid right across the face in front of me. I have even seen couples arguing in public and have heard some pretty choice words being exchanged. I think it is so pathetic.

What has happened to society? Where did the rules change about public behavior? Family morals? Child abuse? I don’t understand anymore. Can I fix it? Definitely not alone, and I don’t even know if it can be fixed in group settings.

A lot goes on today that I do not approve of. The ones I see the most are the children. I have seen people stealing in stores. I have seen too many naked butts from guys wearing their jeans too low.

Oh believe me there have been times when I would be considered a tattle tale. If I think a child is in danger I will report it to a store manager. I have even reported teen guys with pants at the knees. I don’t want to see their butts or their boxers. To me this is a big turn off.

What about women and young ladies that have to show all of their cleavage or women who brag about the size of their chests. Who cares? Who really wants to know? There is so many more important things in life to be concerned with than  body size, at least in my opinion.

If things don’t change and some morals brought back into our lives I hate to see what will happen to our young grandchildren. How will they act? How will they treat their mates? Will they respect their parents or grandparents?

I don’t know the answers but I can say truthfully that I am so glad I am the age I am. I am all for having fun in life. Laughter is the best medicine of all. But when you degrade yourself as a person or a mate or a parent, you have crossed the line.

I hope the gentleman that swung the cart is in a better mood tonight. I hope that whatever was going on at the bank this morning was resolved. Life is good, let’s keep it this way.

55 thoughts on “What Happened?

  1. Agreed! Was chatting with my mom and a few friends today about the total lack of respect people have towards each other – and themselves! Not sure why it seems to be escalating, but it is. Then I think of the crap people view – kids included – commercials, viral videos, reality shows – it’s like anything goes. Sad. Really. Sad. Did you see my post on the Super Bowl? Pretty much echoes what you are saying.


  2. I try to act toward others the way I would like to be treated. when I run into the bad stuff I try to give them the benefit of the doubt of assume that they are having a bad day (and this isn’t the way they act ALL the time). Hope you have a better day tomorrow!


  3. I agree with you 100%, Terry. The Bible says woe to those who call evil good and good evil. I think that is what society is doing to a great extent in these days. I commented on a site I follow (not a blog) and followed some of the comments. One person said that the United States would be a much better place to live if all the Christians were taken out. I thought to myself that one day, if they live long enough, they may get their wish because when the Lord returns we are all going with Him. But I don’t think the result is going to be quite what they expect. They may begin to wish the Christians were back. I don’t understand why they seem to find it so difficult to respect others and to act in a somewhat civilized manner. But then we are looking on life from the opposite perspective as Christians than non-Christians are seeing things and I guess we need to keep that in mind when they do negative things.


    • I agree. when we leave and go with God non-christians are going to beg and wish for us to come back. their lives will be hell. it is almost as if people are blind to each other. it reminds me of horses with blinders on. one day they will regret what they do today. All we can do is pray pray pray for their lost souls


      • I’m reminded of an incident I was told about quite a few years ago which was at the other end of the scale. A woman was in a mall with her young son and he wanted to go on one of those horses they used to have where you put in a quarter and the machine would go up and down with the child on it. The mother told her son “no” and he kicked up such a fuss that she simply took his hand and told him they were going home. She left the mall. Someone who saw this called the children’s aid on the woman. That, in my opinion, was ridiculous as the mother was not mistreating her son, only disciplining him in a normal way. I guess it takes all kinds.


      • What I am thinking is maybe she yanked on his arm and drug him off the ride. It is hard telling. you are right some go over board, but I am still glad that people are paying more attention then they used to. Child abuse used to turn heads in the opposite direction. No one was voicing for the child


      • It was the mall maintenance manager who told me and he didn’t indicate any rough treatment on the mother’s part and I believe he actually saw the incident. He was disgusted with the other woman’s interference. That kind of thing can create so much trouble for someone who is not doing anything wrong.


      • oh now that i have more information I can see exactly that someone was being obnoxious. I was trying to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but this time i was wrong


  4. I agree also Terry. I see disrespect in public quite a bit. Have you ever pulled up at a stop sign behind a school bus and have smaller kids at the back window giving you the finger? Whats up with that? I don’t know those kids and they don’t know me. But its happened more than once and I just have to ignore it because they are kids but it takes something away from my previous great mood. I say a prayer for them and their parents and go on. I will say, and I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I am a chronically ill christian, I rarely have great days anymore and I don’t like to have them ruined by inconsiderant and rude people, Some days I just want to take my dogs and resign from the human race. Anyways, as a christian I think that the human race getting worse because Armegeddon is right around the corner. Hallelujia!! All I can say is come get me Jesus cause I sure could use some love and light and peace. AMEN!!!
    PS Hope you and Al had a good Valentines Day!!


    • oh yes I have seen little kids as well as teens giving me the finger from the back window of the bus. it is so rude and they show their ignorance. I believe that the world is coming closer to and end and this is why we see so much evil in the world. I agree. Heaven will be such a nice place compared to hell on earth. thank u for a great comment


  5. *hugs* i wish i could say this was just a bad day … but it happens more often than I would like to admit to. I just don’t take things like that personally anymore. I just realize I have control over how I react.


  6. I know. I seem to be dealing with rudeness on a daily basis and from people who are paid to deal with the public. I thought they were supposed to have good people skills. Don’t companies train their staff anymore. Bleh.


  7. OMC, what a day! I hope today will be much better for you. I wouldn’t either be younger these days. This generation things they have it all under the belt, solving problems with rudeness, boldness a.s.o., only thinking of themselves and the only thing that really counts are their looks and dollars…sigh… Let’s hope they’ll come to their sences on day.
    Have a wonderful weekend and 🙂


  8. You took the words right out of our mouths…I hear so many commenting on the same thing…My sister even talked to a girl in a store when she was down grading her Grandmother in public…
    I said, “Good for you!”…maybe we have to express ourselves in the opposite manner…you’ve got me going!…You said it quite well!


  9. People, the most strange animal on earth …. moody and unpredictable. Feel sorry for some of us really that don’t know how to behave against others. You’re so right.
    If I see somebody smacking their children or scream at them – I tell them off. I don’t care. Also if I see or hear somebody being bullying – I step in straight away. Or if somebody treat an animal badly – I report them straight away if I’m not able to talk to them. That I have from my mum … and if somebody had treated me like the teller on the bank, I would have asked to talk to her boss.
    Terry, the world is full of idiots
    How a person is dressed I don’t really get too upset about … but bad behavior I don’t accept. Brilliant post, Terry …. and I hope you have a lot better day today. *smile


    • thanks Viveka. We have to step in for those who can’t voice for themselves. Who else will if we don’t? I am a lot better. I still have a small cough. I hope that it goes a way before spring!! LOL


      • You got it, Terry … terrible how people can be.
        I’m sure it’s gone before the spring but the cough should be gone by now ??? Do you take medicine still??? If not you have to get more – because it doesn’t go away without antibiotics.


  10. Wow, really bad day! Well, we know from the word of God that the nature of man is evil, and as king David said, “In sin my mother did conceive me.” The rhetorical, “Can a leopard change his spots?” reminds us that apart from God’s intervention, the nature of man remains the same, but “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Cor 5:17
    Human behavior has always been a puzzle to me, and esp to see the sins we are able commit one against another. And the things some are capable of committing that others don’t seem to be capable of. But the perfection of Christ and His forgiveness put us all on level ground at the cross where we must all begin. “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” There are things I’ve done over the years of which I’m ashamed that only God knows; things I have repented of and been forgiven. My point is – the sins of some are more apparent to us, but the sins of all are equally apparent to God. “All things are laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give an account.”

    Your thoughts inspired me today – thanks for the encouragement. I may use part of the content for a devotional I’m writing.
    Thanks for following Wordimagery! Blessings to you! His grace and peace for your journey,


    • I agree with you. I am a sinner and am not ashamed to admit it. I thank God that he loves me enough to forgive me. Sometimes my sin is not even recognized by me but in time God does show me. I pray always that God helps my brother to have calm days and livable pain as he goes through this Parkinson’s.
      It is such a pleasure to meet you. I hope we are able to chat again. Thank you for a wonderful comment my friend


  11. You’re absolutely right, and there are more and more of us noticing the lack of common courtesy all around us. Personally, I believe this bad behavior stems from turning our backs on God, if not a blatant slap onto His face. They trade the truth in for a lie.
    But you, inside your exposé, inspire. Thank you for your ‘follow’. Your appreciation of my writing means a great deal. More than you know. May you be blessed in every good thing.


    • Thank you so much my friend. I believe as you do. When you remove God from your life Satan takes over and it becomes very obvious to the naked eye that the world has begun to crumble


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