I Need Answers and I Know You Have Them

Current Contents of Refrigerator

I have never run into a problem like the one I have now. Yes, I can google it and I can get all sorts of bad cookies following me. I would rather look towards trustworthy people for my answers this time.

I have seldom been on my own and the short time I was I ate at patients homes rather than mine. Now with Al gone I sort of cook the same way I did when someone was here and find myself in a left-over situation.

I was able to ask a friend about some soup I had made but here is the part I think I forgot to tell her about.

I made vegetable soup on Monday. I made it with chicken I had cooked Sunday night in the crock pot. Today is Friday and I have just eaten a bowl of the soup. I still have about two more bowls left. I know I can freeze it but I don’t have much space in my freezer. Some of my questions are;

How long will the soup be alright after I make it?

Can you drink milk if it smells good after the expiration date?

Can you still used a boxed product if it is past the best used by date?

How long can I leave turkey and ham in the freezer? It is left from Christmas Day?

Does cake or cookies stay fresher longer left out covered, or in the refrigerator?

I have shelled nuts left over from Christmas. Will they get rotten?

I know that I am a middle-age woman who should know these answers. But having a family of three children and a big eater like my brother Al, I have never had this problem before. So please feel  pity and help me out please?