Another Season Gone

English: Black Bear mother and cubs in den,, h...

Winter last so long

Where I live

It seems Spring’s so far away

I wish Winter would go a way.

Today is cold and dreary

Snow is sprinkling down

The grass that was green

Now white is lying on the ground.

Birds are on their way

To find their homes once had

Hibernating animals are

Are poking their heads and I’m glad.

One more month til legal Spring

And I am counting down

Please go a way dear winter

Let me get out and walk around.

Terry Shepherd


14 thoughts on “Another Season Gone

      • I understand that, Terry … we are all longing for the spring – that’s how we all are – we had heavy snow in May .. so that’s why I want winter to be winter .. don’t want snow in April or May. Bring it on now!


      • we have had light snow in may also. usually on my birthday it pours rain. it is so disappointing to see snow in spring. the weather has definitely changed through the years. it seems winter starts later and last longer


  1. We are supposed to have snow tonight and tomorrow after a bright sunny day today. But it is really cold – going down to 8′ tonight with a high of only 18′ tomorrow. Then on Monday it is supposed to be 33′ with a mix of sun and cloud. I just want to be warm again when I go outside. I guess we just have to be patient. Easier said than done. πŸ™‚


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