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A marriage is for keeps

Never to be undone

This isn’t told as a  fairy tale

This is for love and we’ve just begun.

We promise to accept

Each other for who we  are

With starry lights within  our eyes

And dreams for here and afar.

The marriage goes from day one

To a few years down the road

When suddenly we decide

We may have married a toad.

Our  new goal is to change

The things we do not like

Our eyes are tunnel blind

He will change or take a hike.

We must stop and smell our rose

And remember why we chose him

We promised to accept all there was

No one is perfect and  without any sin.

We can not erase what we do not want

Or badger as his wife

We find the things where we can blend

And choose a wonderful life.

Terry Shepherd



Daily Prompt; Far From Normal


Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

Oh my gosh! This is so funny to me> the boring one. The chosen one for the boring category. They want me to tell all of you at LEAST six unique, exciting or just plain odd things about myself. Wow! Can I do it? Can I make myself sound like someone you would just love to have as a friend?

Let me think as I go along here.

Six things, unique or odd about me.

1. Well I can tell one thing about me right off the bat that is odd. I huddle under my blankets and heavy comforter and sleep with my fan on high-speed. Yep, even in the winter!

2. Maybe one thing about me is that I am a soul searcher. Not a gold finder. Not a loan shark, but a soul searcher in other people. I try real hard to find at least one good quality about each person I meet. After all God made you in his image. The least I can do is find something good too. Even my half-sister as well as we get along like dogs and cats, I still believe buried deep inside of her is a lonely woman who has never gotten over her husband’s death. I try to keep this in mind as I see her daggers coming towards me.

3. I love quietness. I think this is sort of an old-age thing but no matter what I will take it. Quietness for me does not necessarily mean no noise. It may mean only hearing my keyboard tap a way as I talk to you. It may mean that the noise I hear in the background is the Escape channel on Sirrus.

4. I love order, oh yes, order in my house and life. I hate surprises unless it is my birthday! LOL. It takes me a while to adopt to change. I know when my bills are coming due. I know pretty much what I am eating the entire day when I get up in the mornings. I like my house to be clean and unmessy.

loan shark

loan shark

5. I absolutely love to walk but not alone. I still have not returned to my classes because of a lingering cough but am looking forward to the walking track and the pool. Come on cough, disappear!

6. The last thing about me is a love-hate relationship with men. I don’t see myself ever getting married now that I will be a year older in April, but I would love a companion to date. I hate being alone and yet I love it. Does this make any sense at all to you? Is it odd or what? It is what it is as my friends say so I just learn to accept that I am an odd creature.


Shine On Award

shine on award


Prettywitgla33es has nominated me for the Shine On Award. Isn’t the lady mystical in the photo of this award?

Thank-yo Pretty for this. I so appreciate it.

Here is a little bit about her.

I’m a student from Nigeria. I currently live in Tampa, Florida. I’m enjoying every bit of my stay in America. I want to make every second count; do things i never thought of doing, have fun, make good grades, and meet new people. In short, I just want to make my life memorable!!

Nominees are;



Miljo Anne


The Past 24 hours

Cover of "Separate But Equal"

You may or not noticed that I was not on here yesterday. I started my day off in a good mood. The sun was out and it was above freezing. I had surprised my brother by stopping at a drive-thru and getting us both some lunch.

I think we was definitely surprised as he kept staring at the sack trying to see through it. We went down to the dining room and after getting his food out for him he immediately started to complain of new pains in his leg.

This is the leg that has never been as affected as the other. The nurse walked by us and heard him talking about it. She stopped and told me that he has been complaining about it since Friday. She stated that the pain medication doesn’t seem to be helping with this yet.

It made me feel bad as now the Parkinson’s Disease has decided to hit both legs equally. I felt helpless so I changed the topic to our lunch. He did seem to enjoy it but I could see he was having some issues with swallowing.

I asked him if he had a sore throat and he said he just keeps trying to swallow real hard because something is stuck in there. I knew then that it was the throat muscle due to the PD that was causing the problem.

It makes me sick that although Al can smile and say hi to every staff that goes on, the nasty PD is still moving right along inside his body. It is determined to do its ultimate best to strip all that Al has left.

I only stayed during his lunch time as I had received a message from my son asking if I wanted to ride along to Ft. Wayne with his family. I jumped on that with a yes since I had not been out of the house much since Christmas.

I told Al I would be back on Tuesday and took off. The ride with my son was about forty minutes and I chattered a way all the way up as I had not really interacted with humans for some time.

We went to a flea market and I picked up some little lights for electric candles. You know the ones that have a coating on them and look like a flame? Then I found my brother a Christmas Coke bottle so I grabbed that for him. I will take it tomorrow. We walked around the mall for a while and I could tell I had spent a lot of time in bed. My legs felt a little like jelly as they sort of wobbled through the mall.  We stopped on the way home and ate at Five Guys. It has awesome fresh home-made hamburgers. The fries are so huge in one order the four of us were able to share one large order.

I thanked them for getting me out of the house and then came in and did absolutely nothing. I guess my legs and body were tired from the walking so I rested on my bed, no nap though.

Later that night, much later I found a movie on the GMC channel that caught my eye. I don’t know if you realize it or not but along with writing and antiques as my interest, I also study slavery. I only take one slice out of the whole pie. I study the part where the whites don’t want the slaves to learn. I read and follow how the blacks were not going to let some man keep them from moving forward.

So when this movie came on I started watching it. I was very engrossed in it although my eyes were straining to stay a wake. This movie lasted four hours long. I did it though. I stayed awake until the end.

The movie was called Separate but Equal. It was a movie about segregation and divide. School systems with blacks and whites. The equality in education. I am so for equality. Many have fought hard to get where they are today. Many fight harder and still struggle. Then others don’t need to fight at all and are handed everything with ease.

I won’t go into my own personal opinions as I would be here all day standing and fighting for equality.

Here is some information about the movie. Maybe you would like to see it also.


Separate, But Equal: The Film.