Birds And Al

Today was terribly windy outside. I sure hated to have to go out considering I still have a small cough left. Al had a care plan meeting that I needed to attend to. He was sad as it was too cold and he didn’t get to go on an outing with his driver today. His legs are hurting so bad that this is making him more miserable.

His voice was raspy so I used the flashlight to look at his throat. That little thing that hangs down in the back of his throat was lying on the side. His throat was a little red. He had no fever, but I reported it to the nurse.

Since he is having trouble with swallowing O.T. is going to get involved again to see if he is straining too hard to swallow. I sure hope that isn’t the reason, because the news would not be good news.

I am working on getting him out of this facility and into a better situation. Many people are involved in this project. Al agrees with me he would like to move. If I get everything worked out he will be in a home, group home type. He will have fewer clients around him. They will be more like him and closer in ages, so he would get more attention. His food intake would be more closely monitored and so would his spending money.

After I visited with him for an hour I left his room and went to the meeting room. No one was there so I had to use my time wisely. I got out my camera and went to the window and took these shots. I am hoping you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

After the meeting was over I did some work on Al’s menus for the week. Without my two cents and guardianship  they can not say no to his foods. He has gained too much weight so Al and I together chose his menus. I hope he felt included so he doesn’t get as upset.

I stopped at the grocery store and picked up basics in case we do get that big amount of snow tomorrow. I just received a phone call from the lady who is going to be helping me move Al out of this facility. Darn, darn, I have to get out tomorrow after all. I am sure it will be cancelled if it gets too bad as she is farther north than I am. She will get more snow than we will here.

female cardinal at millerstwo birds at millersredbird at millersfemale red bird at millersone bird at millers


44 thoughts on “Birds And Al

  1. So sorry Al is having more difficulties. He is so lucky to have you watching over him! Does his facility have a Speech Pathologist on call? (SLP) For swallowing problems, that would be the best specialist to examine him. OT is fabulous for coordination and planning, but it sounds like you are thinking this is a swallowing issue.


  2. Praying for you and Al , Terry, as you get a new place for him. You are doing so much and are such a sweet heart! We loved the pictures too! Do you know what kind of bird the black and white one is? God bless you!


    • i was thinking a tit mouse or thachet, but i am not sure, do you have any idea? Debbie will you pray for quick movement? bringing all these departments together, having a room empty for Al, I ask you to pray for a smooth and quick process


    • if he goes in a group home he won’t be in the typical nursing home type. more of a home where they grocery shop and fix meals and eat together. he would have more of a bedroom type room instead of what nursing homes are


  3. Stunning photos, Terry … and I’m sorry about Al’s problems … and I’m sure that things will eventually work out for the better for Al. Not happy about you getting out in a snow storm for a meeting – if I was you I would cancel. That top photo is fantastic. Beautiful bird.


    • the top photo is a female cardinal. they are very dominant here. i think Al will be happier in another setting like a home setting. one staff for four patients instead of one nurse and two aids for 50 patients


      • We don’t have that type of cardinal over here .. ours are not that colorful.
        What I understand from your post – Al is okay with moving too and that is a great step .. hope it will come soon.


  4. We had a swallow study done on my dad who also had PD. We had to puree his food so he could get it down.Unfortunately it is common with PD victims.

    The pictures are beautiful. My father had an affinity for birds , especially hawks. If you have the time look at the pictures and read my post Look To The Sky.


    • Al had a swallow test done and it showed some laziness in the muscles. This was a little over a month ago, and i can still see changes happening. I did go visit your site and i did leave you a comment


  5. I will pray also that you get Al in a group home – I used to work in a group home and the setting is definitely better and I pray that his swallowing is nothing too serious. God bless both of you.


      • It was frustrated when my aunt was put into a nursing home even though it was only for a day before she was admitted to hospice, the hospice nurse was great but those in the nursing facility tried our patience.


      • I should not say anything bad because the nursing home was here when I felt that is all I had left, but now a few months later, it seems to me it is all about the money. Everything that is discussed with money being in their favor


  6. Love the pictures. I think the black and white one is a downy woodpecker. It has too many white spots to be a chickadee. They are more solid white and black. I love cardinals, too. I haven’t seen any around here for quite a while. I love to hear them calling to one another. I’m glad that you now have another option for Al. It sounds ideal – or at least as ideal as you will find.


    • we have a ton of cardinals that live here all year long. you could be right about the downy woodpecker. the feathers do have that downy look to them. I am working with a team to get Al out of there as soon as possible!


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