I Fear Not Your Power

Oh winds you show your power today

My senses feel the hidden forces

It makes me tremble and shiver

As I know what you have done before

Windows rattle shutters bang

Dead leaves tossed in mid-air

Children buried inside their coats

Trying to walk against your winds

Could it be you are trying to help

Clean our land from before

Debris and already dead

Being hurled about

Tossing it on mounds of old

Giving way to new and clean

Ready for a season of growth

Or are you rebelling that your time

Has almost come to and end

And your tears show in sorrow

That you do not want the morrow near.

What ere your reason for what you do

I will be patient and watch your work

For I know that your time here is short

As a new birth of a season draws yet closer

Open your mouth and curl your lips

And give it all you have

I will pray for safety and strength

We will beat you at your game

You will not destroy what we

English: Holly Beach, La., October 3, 2005 - P...

Have worked so hard

We will be hiding behind the rock

For you will tire and need some rest

And you will leave us once again.

Terry Shepherd