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Efe ve dedesi


If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

I can think of a few things I wish didn’t exist. Should I name them all? Should I name my top thoughts? I better stick to simple.

Eyes that could see no difference. Wouldn’t it be great if we saw each of us through only our heart and souls? If our eyes could not see that we each weight differently. That we could ignore the label on the clothes, or the longer eye lashes? How about the neighborhoods we live in. What if we could be blinded to everything and only see lips move and hear  what is being said.

Take this one category and sub-divide it. Bullying. I just hate the word bullying. I hate what it represents. Adults have a way of being sneaky. We have grown and learned how to hit certain buttons to upset others. We have learned to pick out the red button that we know will devastate another soul if we just click on it.

Children on the other hand are born innocent. Even in elementary years, innocence is still high on the top ten list. I am not going to dive on the jumping board and go behind the scenes and say what make children do what they do. I am going to stick to the surface, skim the pool.

I can remember back when I was young I developed earlier than the other girls in my class. I was wearing a bra months before other little girls. Lord only knows why, I am not blessed today. LOL

Boys and girls picked on me all the time. I was also heavier than some of the other little kids. Not obese but it was obvious to the naked eye. I got called fatty and heard the old saying fatty fatty two by four can’t get through the kitchen door. I heard that so often that If I had collected a dollar for every time, I would not have to be looking for a part-time job today.

Today manners are at the lower level and this allows wicked tongues to speak hurtful words. In the past five or so years it has walked on one more stepping stone. Now not only is there pain in words, there is physical pain.

If my parents ever witnessed or heard of me hurting someone physically I could guarantee I would not be able to sit down comfortably the next day. I am in awe each time I hear of children and teens beating  up on others. Prepared with weapons of knuckle busters and bats floors me. The weakest ones will draw strength through sharing their thoughts with other weak students, thus forming a rotten cheering block.

The main instigator feels power. Power in the mouth and hands. For the prize of acknowledgement and acceptance great strides are taken to end up the winners. Are they winners? Of course not, but they don’t see it that way.

This in turn leads me back full circle to my beginning statement. What started this? What happened before the first word was spoken? What pain is that child carrying to make him lash out.

I refuse to believe that there are many children who get off or love to hurt others just for the fun of it. There may be a small amount, and if there is, we need to work harder to see if there is a medical reason hiding behind them.

Well I will get off of this topic. Other wise you will still be reading about this at bedtime. Our children are our futures. It takes one minute to conceive a baby. It takes a life time to raise and nurture them. Many pebbles are tossed in our path as we lead them from infant to adult. As parents we can only do what we know best how to do.

Lord be with the adults who don’t want the child, but refuse to let any other caring human raise them. Lord be with the children that are homeless. I pray for young minds to never be starved for knowledge. Lord I  pray that you wrap your arms around those who are hurting. Bring comfort to them. Lord help us adults to not look the other way. I pray that you help guide our thoughts throughout each day. Let us be a blessing instead of a thorn. Help us Lord, for our world is like it has never been before. Amen

23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt ; Undo / The Daily Post

  1. The entire time I was in school I only was in one fight. I saw two younger class men being harassed due to their body size. Without thinking I upper cut the big dude doing it. Told him to pick on someone his own size the next time he had the urge. With the principal coming down the hall, I thought I was doomed. All the principal said to the guy was are you quite finished here? It never happened again. (I think the embarrassment of being hit by a girl might have changed his tune. I am not proud for hitting but I am proud that I stopped harassment.


    • I want you to know how very very proud I am of you for standing up. So many of us know that bullying is wrong, and yet we video it and place it on UTube, or we stand by and watch. To get involved is the strongest of character. Thank you, Thank you. I am so glad I have come across your blog. You are welcome for the Ping Back


  2. Children can be very evil … against each other – but it’s all down to how they have been raised at home and what values the home has – so I blame the paretents the blame in it. What I think is worst is when adults bully other adults – in marriage, at work and in society. Very powerful post.


    • I wanted to so say that about parents but I thought it would be too long of post. so many parents get on the defense for things being directed at them. but i agree with you it is in the upbringing. and it is worse when adults bully adults definitely because they know better


  3. We were all born in sin and have the potential within us to be bullies, but our environment should mold us and guide us in the opposite direction. And yes, parents are a great deal to blame. If they provided the loving, nurturing atmosphere for children to grow up in, children would not become bullies. I also think today’s television and access to internet sites and movies that children should never see is also to blame. But that, again, goes back to parental control as well. Too much is tolerated in today’s society that people a few decades ago would be horrified to see. That video shared by Beyond Back Creek was powerful. I’m so glad it wasn’t a YouTube video as I still for some unknown reason cannot get sound on YouTube. I shared that video on Facebook and Twitter.


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