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Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten, in glorious detail.


There was a time many moons ago when I was very ill. I had hepatitis. It stayed for a while and then I had my first child. Months later it surfaced again. My parents had to take care of my child for almost a year while I tried to heal. Finally that day came.

About three years later I wanted to have another child. My wants and it happening didn’t happen so quickly. The hepatitis had damaged my liver and my gallbladder. I got sick again and continued going to the doctors so many times I can’t even remember the count.

The problem was the doctors were trying to heal me from the hepatitis but at this time that wasn’t the problem. It was my gallbladder. I was so sick that I would go to the ER for shots that would knock me out for 24 hours at a time. I was so ill that I couldn’t keep water down any longer.

At this point the doctor admitted me to the hospital. I had seven tubes running into my body to keep me alive. I don’t remember what test it was that finally detected the rotten gallbladder but it was almost  too late. I was dying.

The doctor tried to reach my parents, but they were on vacation miles a way. My grandmother became my fill-in mother. She was with me at the hospital every day. The doctor came in to tell me that they could not operate on me. He could not remove the gallbladder. It was too full of poison.

He took my grandmother out in the hall and told her I didn’t have much time left. I was going to die. My grandma told me this later after I was better. Every hour on the hour nurses came in and flushed out tubes. I was fed through IV’s. My stay in the hospital was 21 days and it was spent ridding my body of all the toxins.

I was eventually felt  better but they still could not take the gallbladder out as I was too weak. I went back in the hospital about six months later and had it removed. Only after it was removed could I consider having another child, which I was granted that wish.

After being dismissed and going home I was very weak. My mom and grandma would bring me food every day. The best food was the home-made chicken noodle soup my grandma made me.

It was a golden-yellow with tender cut noodles that she had made herself.  Small pieces of torn home-grown chicken surrounded the noodles. Spices were added to enhance the already fabulous flavor. The broth had the most awesome taste. I wanted to let it linger in my mouth and not swallow it. I made each bowl last as long as I could and I would beg for more when the soup pan was empty.

I believe that this wonderful soup helped to heal me. I will never forget the taste of this soup. Even today after years gone by, I can still smell it and taste it.

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Seconds / The Daily Post

  1. Dear terrry i now exakt what u been going tru exuse my bad writing in englis. ITS CRAZY i speak 6langh but cant write. Anyway Thanks for sharing this whit me. Having friends they are dead now. Heroin. I NEVER try any drugs have other problem ha ha but that doc where do u live he should not be a doc. Maby in mentalhospit sorry writing from my mobile he! Hove are u doing Today is a Hard fact u living in. Me a have been isolated for 15 years lng story But realize that lonliness is God u get viser and stronger, toke care of 3 children…. From lyxuri to phu! Long story But we have al are crosses to on the back. HOPE to hear from u soon


  2. I forgot to say that Julia is harder and The story itself. But she is erotic and so far from Nice she is dominant, and the story is Hard and the old is a Hard man to. But not in is what it seems to be. But its itrestinng now i now what backping or what ever. Is.
    Hope u like the rest im going to put out tomorow. But this is the last. Want to try write this bok.
    RAOUL Alexandersson


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  4. Am so glad you healed and are doing better. There’s nothing, and I mean, nothing like homemade soup when you’re ill. Especially when someone makes it just for you.


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