Let Us

Fear terror eye

Hiding within

Afraid to look out

Fearful of thy tongue

Scared to speak

Wronged of all doing

Fingers point at me

Always the first suspect

Why bother trying to explain

I have already been hung

One pebble in the sand

Trying to fight for everyone

No title on my shirt

Am I without a brain

Cold and non caring

Are whom  I find that stand

With hands held out

Waiting for all you have

Some days I want to die

And I ask myself why bother

I can never win the game

I am but a pebble in the sand

One lonely grain among others

I look like him or her over there

I do not stand out

I don’t have much fight left

Please leave us alone

Let life carry us through

What have we ever done

To make your eyes so cold

Have we met somewhere before

Do you know me from my past

Please let us who are different

Take stand and be noticed

Let us show our tears

Let us show our fears

Let us feel love as you do

Let us.

Terry Shepherd


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