I Can Feel

Waves rush over  me

As my toes sink in the sand

Reliving moments from before

Washing ore me new life

Looking out ore the horizon

Trying to see my future

English: Turtle Bay Beach at Caneel Bay.

Hazy skies cloud my mind

Nothing is crystal clear

An empty shell comes in my view

I kneel down and pick it up

Peering inside I speak softly

Are you in here or have you also moved on

Reaching for higher grounds

Where prey can never find you

I turn my ear and listen

To the echoes of once lived life

I place it in my pocket and

Carry this close to my heart

Where I can connect with

What this poor creature has endured

Already in its short life

Looking down and forward

Rubble laying in my path

Who has walked my footprints

What thoughts crossed their mind

As they looked out over the horizon

Trying to figure out their next plan

I have reached the end of the path

My walk is now complete

Make my way back to my beginning

Answers still remain questions

I see a masterpiece as a

Turtle is giving everything she has

To bury her eggs deep within the

Grains of sand, protecting it

Until it is time to be born

Life continues no matter

What is on our mind

No matter where we are

Life moves forward with

Or without us

I look ahead and see the steps

Taking me back to my own thoughts.

Terry Shepherd



27 thoughts on “I Can Feel

    • from the very beginning and please don’t feel I am strange but from the very beginning when I found your post I felt a connection. I don’t know what it is, but when I see your new post, I jump to it first. I can not read your post fast enough. I think it is because I relate to your thoughts so easily. I will find your Titled Page. thank you


      • I don’t think you are strange at all. I believe since we are both care givers for some one that we cherish deeply we have experienced some of the same challenges. I believe that I wrote Ebb and Flow in November but I’m not really sure. It should be in the End Of Life…category. Stay well.


  1. Great poem. We are not permanent and life is beautiful. Perhaps it is that impermanence that makes it so beautiful. The knowledge that it is here for this unique representation of itself and we are here to witness it.


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  3. The circle of life goes on, no matter what…don’t know from where it all began…nor for how long the wheel will keep turning…the ocean , the horizon, the restlessness of the waves and the briny air does tend to make one contemplative, doesn’t it?


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