Sexual Molestation

What I saw at the grocery store. Story: An eye...

What I saw at the grocery store. Story: An eyewitness tip sent a paroled sex offender back to prison. (Photo credit: turkeychik)

It makes me sick to my stomach when I read articles about molestation in the newspapers. We hear them on television. Or maybe we hear about it in our neighborhood.

I know for me, I have grandchildren that live near me and I receive email alerts when a registered sex offender moves in close to us.

I don’t ever remember hearing this term sex offender when I was growing up, but I do remember one time when I was 16. I was staying over night at my cousin’s house. My parents had gone somewhere, I don’t remember.

I was sleeping soundly when I was jerked a wake by my male cousin. I was frightened and I got myself out of the situation but not without leaving behind some emotional scars of what he had tried to do.

Now today I understand the human nature of hormones and wanting to experience what those feelings are, or do I really get it? Experts say that when a baby fondles itself as their diapers are being changed to not get alarmed. It feels good to them so they are re-acting to it.

As a young child in early elementary years I was caught by an adult starting to play doctor with the neighborhood boys. I didn’t think anything about it. I didn’t know any better, but thankfully the adult supervision knew and the game was never started.

Where does it change? When does it go from being a natural state to crossing the line? What makes men, and I use that term men, because that is who we usually hear is the one starting the problem. I am sure there are females involved  but I actually don’t know.

What gives humans the feeling that it is alright to touch another human? Did I have those feelings when I was young but was too naive to act upon it? Did they ever enter my mind? Lord I hope not. But yet the game of doctors was definitely without my knowing an exploring game of the opposite sexes.

Is the way we act somehow have to do with something that happened in our very young childhood? Is it always the parents or grandparents fault some person crossed that line? I am not sure.

I really don’t remember a thing about my ages of 0-3 but I do know through stories that have been told and having been hypnotized because of my fear of the dark, that I was passed around the table so to speak like a bowl of sweet candies. I am so thankful I don’t remember a thing.

I don’t know if I suffered any long-term damage from those days, but I do know that my need to feel loved and needed is very high when it comes to who I am. Even though I live alone, there is always a deep longing to be needed for me, to be loved, to be thought about. Is this some damage left behind from days gone by? I don’t know.

When I did learn about sex molestation I was still in the stage where I knew little. I don’t know that much about it today either or I guess I would not be writing this with a non-understanding about it.

Oh I know how it works I just don’t understand why it happens. These men who molest young girls, can’t they get a girlfriend of their own or same age group? Why do they go for the innocent children?

How in the world can you make me understand why a daddy would take advantage of their own precious child? The only sick reason I can think of is some kind of power control? Bitterness? Getting back? Wanting others to feel their pain?

One time when I was about 10 I had an uncle that my mother didn’t obviously trust. She always warned me that if he ever tried to be with me alone to tell her immediately. This uncle had a garage in the back of their house that was transformed into a shop. There was one day and I do remember this well. It was sunny out and I had shorts and a shirt on.

My aunt was babysitting Al and me and the uncle came through the back door and called my name. He told me to come out and spend some time with him while he was doing his work. I don’t remember what the excuse was to get me out there, but it must have not clicked with what my mom had said because I went.

I do remember him laughing and being in a really good mood. I do remember him wanting to pick me up and spin me around. I do remember me being fearful of the spinning and I told him no. He picked me up when I had said no and spun me anyways. He had one hand under my rib cage  and his other hand right in my crotch.

I started to cry instantly afraid of the spinning, but the words of my mom filtered through and I became even more afraid. I started kicking and yelling and the aunt came to the back door and was yelling about what was I screaming about. He put me down and I raced in the house. As soon as mom picked me up I told her. Obviously this aunt never babysat for us again. I don’t know if mom told the aunt about it or what, it remained a hush topic for ever and ever.

Does this go on in families? Does one of the parents or siblings know what has happened or tried or is going on  but no one says anything. The hush game becomes the priority all of a sudden.

Does this lead the perpetrator to feel a certain power that he is getting a way with it so now he can go outside of his box and attack other innocent victims?

I wish I had the answers, but I don’t. I am not a professional doctor of any kind. I know that from what happened to me which was back in the fifties and sixties, can only be magnified today in the year 2000’s.

When my family sort of smirks when I tell them about a new email alert I received, I think to myself of what happened in my life, what I read in the newspapers, or hear on the television. I ignore the small laughter because I want my grandchildren and any innocent child under the legal age to be safe and have the opportunities to grow up believing in hope and faith and human kindness.


19 thoughts on “Sexual Molestation

  1. i dont believe that as a child you have any sorts of feelings of touching, or fondling yourself.. It just sounds wrong or wierd, if they do touch i dont think its sexual at all.. I just think these men take advantage of the fact that the babies have no idea of whats right or wrong and they cant stop their molestation! Its just crazzy!


    • I have to agree. I was with this woman once and she was changing her babies diaper. The baby hand’s were in its open area. the woman looked at me and said o it is normal our doctor said they enjoy it. I thought what????? this is a baby, for God’s sake! I just am not shocked at what people or professionals say anymore. I agree with you


  2. Babies touch …yes because it feels good. like sucking their thumb or rubbing their ear, sexual feelings have nothing AT ALL to do with their touching. It is a discovery for them like picking a flower and putting it in their mouth, all the senses are constantly about discovery for a child .
    As for what makes men and yes some women molest and/ or sexually abuse I don’t knowother than as a victim of many years of sexual abuse as a child (5 ys.old to 12) that I believe it is a disease and a power play just like rape is not for sexual release it is the dominance over another, the fear seen on the face of the victim, the control. I have a friend that counselled sexual predators in the prison system for rehabilatation purposes, we used to have quite heated discussions as to whether they can be, I believe not.


  3. the silence is the biggest problem when it comes to sex abuse, i’m the only one speaking up in my family, there’s a lot of denial, when there’s denial, and silence the abuse can continue. you know my family is abusive, i just found out recently i was victim to the gf…i was raped and molested from 10-14 by a neighbourhood boy…the mother when i told her said “boys will be boys.”
    i’m so sorry you too have been abused.


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