The Vesatile Blogger Award

This award came from one of my newer blogger friends. Here is a little bit about her.



This is the story of my life ,my personal trials and tribulations , the process of my thoughts and the intensity of my feelings, my interactions with my husband and 3 kids .I want to share my life with people ,to reach out to them,help them realise their hidden strengths ,provide them with hope in their darkest hours.Remember, God loves us all, every one is precious and come what may ,He will always be at our side,so here’s to life!!!!

She says also about herself;

1-I think I am living in a dream world right now- this is my 3 rd nomination in 12 days!

2-I love the movie Troy, my favorite! I have watched it a lot of times and yet, never get bored!

3-I love eating pizza!

4-I cry very easily- whenever I see ill people, poor people, my heart goes out to them!

5-I had a very traumatic past, but, finally I have come to terms with it and moved on!

6-I have been married for nearly 19 years!

7-I am a shy person at heart, though it never comes across that way, I engage actively with others!

She is a very nice person. Make sure to check out her blog like I did!

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Thank-you so much.

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Daily Prompt; No, Thanks/ The Daily Post

Humpty Dumpty and Alice. From Through the Look...

Daily Post, Daily Prompt, DP

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

Oh definitely yes. There are places I would never want to visit within our world we live in. Should I name each one or pick a few. How about I just name the first ones that rise to the top of my mind. Already I can feel my thoughts  are bubbling like an Alka-Seltzer in a glass.

Anything taller than a chair is one area I never want to visit. Picture this; a woman gets on a ladder. The ladder begins to move and bounce as the legs attached to the feet become shaky. Each step higher provides more shaking until the old lay comes tumbling down like Humpty Dumpty.

The house that holds a  huge family of mice. First of all I could not get my fat body through their tiny door. When I think of mice I think of dirt and destruction. If I did manage to get an eyeball inside their hut would I see torn wire pieces? Maybe there would be droppings  of insulation that I recognize from my own home. I bet I would be able to pick out the sandwich that I left behind last night on the kitchen counter. Dirty birds, lol.

Another place I never want to visit is a bunch of meanies while I am out walking. I don’t want to have to beat up those kids in my middle-aged years. Wouldn’t that just ruin their pride having a granny beat the hell out of them?

I don’t ever want to run a cross anyone disguised as the devil either. I fight hard enough to walk this earth trying to be good. I don’t need any extra problems in my life. I have seen what the big bad wolf can do to a person’s mind. Look back at all the stories I have written about my brother Al. He has fought with himself  believing that Satan was sitting on his shoulder many times. Satan is strong but God is stronger, but why do the battle right???

Another place I will never venture into is a bar full of men. I suddenly become shy and insecure. I know without a doubt they are thinking to themselves, look at granny over there. She has her black plastic mini skirt on with an over the shoulder blouse on. Is that cleavage she is trying to show? Get a look at those flabby legs tucked into those go-go boots! Nope, don’t want to go there, no way!

Another place you will not find me entering is a flower shop. Oh it is so beautiful to stand on the outside, smearing their glass with my snotty nose, but put me in front of those flowers and my nose starts to itch. My eyed turn the color of blood-red, snot begins to fall and I have been known to pee my pants when I sneeze too much, so beware, no flower shops for me. Make sure you don’t send any of those dang roses to my funeral either. I am most allergic to them and I don’t want to scare the pants off of you by rising up out of my coffin and pointing my finger at you saying, “Didn’t I tell ya”?

Since I have worked in so many nursing homes I have always told the other staff, “Don’t ever put me in one of those strait-jackets”. Do you know what I mean when I mention those? They are stiff and white and they bind you up like super glue. If you have to scratch your butt or rub your nose you are out of luck. I don’t want to hear anyone saying I am crazy enough to cover me in one of those. I already know I am crazy different from others. I’m a writer  for God’s sake! I say I am unique but they say I am plum crazy.

The last place I ever want to visit is that big black hole in the ground. Do you see those icky night crawlers wiggling around down there? I saw some nasty looking spiders too. I swear there are tree roots down there big enough to wrap themselves around my poor helpless body. Please, make sure my coffin is sealed and double clicked shut before you cover me up for good. Don’t let them critters come get me now.

Awwww life is good isn’t it?????


The Morning Walk

Big Bike

Every morning as long as the weather was above the freezing mark Jake looked forward to his walk. The walk was journeyed on a hand-made boardwalk through the city’s funding. It was located in town but in a serene location. Jake could discover various things with each step he took.female cardinal at millersIMG_0103101_0592

Jake took in every sight and breathed in all the fresh air his lungs could take. He lived for his daily walk.

When he went back home it was to an empty house. The same stale air and the same sounds coming from the television.

One morning when he was walking some kids came whizzing by on their bikes. They looked at Jake but said nothing. Only breezes lifting Jake’s hair was the true evidence they had been here.

Using his cane he lifted it up in the air and touched some leaves dangling from an over hung tree. He managed to knock a few down and tucked them gently into his shirt pocket.

He would hope to take these home and using tape place them on his windows, a reminder of where he had been.

There was one spot Jake routinely stopped at. This is where if he stood very still he could catch glimpses of deer.

Where Jake had lived with his life long wife deer were plentiful. Many times he and his wife would sip coffee together and watch the families of deer scamper through the fields.

A tear came to his eye as he waited for them to show, memories of his beloved utmost in his mind. His wife had passed on to a better world over four years ago. Jake wanted to go with her but he knew it was not time yet, but he promised her he would be along soon.

Soon enough what he had been quietly waiting for showed. A deer all alone. She seemed not to take notice of Jake as she made her way through the tall grasses. Inching closer and closer to him. He could see her eyes. Such a gentle look they held. He smiled and lingered on her beauty.

Lost in the image he didn’t hear the noise coming up behind him. The deer did though and she scampered off quickly into taller hiding areas. This forced Jake to come to the reality of moments and he turned just in time to see the kids speeding by him.

One rider decided he was going to have some fun with Jake. Without asking permission he rode so close that he knocked Jake down to the ground. The other riders stopping a head and looking back asked,”What did you have to go and do that for? Don’t you get in to enough trouble the way it is?”

Most of the bicycles took off not wanting anything to do with their friend. One bike remained far enough a head but still taking in the scenes being played out.

The bully was not done yet. He was having a good time. He rode past Jake and turned around and came racing back. Jake saw it coming and he took his cane and shook it at the kid trying to scare him off.

Jake tried to hurry and get up but he thought he may have twisted his ankle during his fall. For when he tried to stand he winced in pain. All he had to defend himself with was his cane and his mouth.

The kid went a head and turned once again charging at the poor man lying defenseless on the wooden walk way. As he came close to Jake he was prepared for the cane but Jake gave it everything he had and he managed to make a cracking sound as his cane met the bike.

This pissed off the kid. He stopped immediately and wrestled Jake for the cane. Once he had it in his power he tossed it way out in to those tall grassy fields. There was no way he could escape now. He realized he was at the mercy of the dragon.

The bicyclist that had been watching took off on his bike. Now it was Jake against the wrath of fires. The kid got off his bike and proceeded to taunt him. Words came flaring out of his mouth.” Why don’t you try to get up now you old man? Come on what you waiting for? Cat got your tongue?” Every word he spat would follow by laughter. This sound infiltrated into Jake’s soul and he was fearful of his life.

There was no fear in the minor. He came closer and kicked Jake in the stomach. When he saw how easy it was to move the body he kicked him in the ribs and then in the head. Leaning back grabbing his stomach he was laughing; a mean laugh. This had to be as close to Satan‘s laugh as you could ever imagine.

The bully still had not had enough. Jake tried to curl himself up in a ball to further protect himself. He wasn’t strong enough as the kid grabbed a hold of his arm and began to pull him. Jake looked to where he was being pulled to and so much fear took over as he saw the edge of the walk coming closer he urinated on himself.

There was a rail along the boardwalk but under the support was nothing but open plains. This kid was going to kill him. Not with a knife nor a gun, but by drowning him. He was going to push him over the edge and leave him for the buzzards.

The kid struggled a little trying to move Jake. Jake was trying to kick the brat with his legs. The kid had enough of this crap and took a hold of  poor old Jake’s arms and started to yank him over the edge.

Behind the kid came two strong sets of fingers. They clamped down on his skin so tightly

Cop doing his job.

that the nasty kid’s face winced in pain. He flipped around to see two tall and muscular policemen standing there. The one officer had his hands on the bully and the other officer was tending to Jake.

“It seems that your friends ratted on you my friend. They turned to us to help you”. He faced the bully a way from him and slapped a pair of cuffs on the kid. ” Punk, you are coming with me. I will call your parents from the car and have them meet us at the station.”

The other officer helped Jake to sit up. He radioed for an ambulance. Jake ended up staying in the hospital for a few days with one broken rib, multiple bruises and an ulceration to his head.

With the kid being a minor he was released into the care of his parents. He had to attend juvenile court but was given a smack on the fingers and let go. Poor old Jake finally got to go home, but he didn’t wake up any longer eager for his morning walks. He sat in front of his television and began to nap more often throughout the day. The bully who he never learned of his name had taken his livelihood away from him. The two would never meet again.

Picture It & Write Special





Every morning I put on the coffee and splash cold water on my face. Waking up my eyes and brain. Grabbing that fresh cup of java and sitting down in my comfy seat at my computer. This is what I love about waking up.

Maybe it should not be in this order.  Maybe it should be thanking God first, which some days it is. Or should it be thinking of my brother secondly?

I am definitely not close to being perfect but for me talking to my friends on here is very important. There are many days the only ones I have conversations with other than myself are you.

Thoughts that twirl as mini tornadoes are no longer allowed to over come my day. I can place them here and set them free. I was concerned about my friend Julie who also blogs on here.

She had a post I read this morning about a friend of hers who is thinking heavily about placing a closed sign on her blog. The reason? bad or hurtful remarks being made by outsiders.

Not outsiders from our lives, but strangers passing through our blogs. I am guilty of this also. Words that I want to write I sometimes hesitate. I do this because I am a coward. Yes a coward of being able to stand up on my two feet. Afraid to let my words flow freely in case they may hurt someone, or maybe they will not understand what I am trying to say.

The last thing I love to do is trying to explain myself. I think when we write, our thoughts are very close to our lips and hearts. They spew out with ease. One of the things that I love to write about is aging people. Why? It is easy. I have worked with this category of humans for so many years.

They have become a part of my life. I tend to dream into the future and see my own person moving through the days. Where will I be? Will I have enough money to support myself? Will I still be alone when I am wrinkled and walking with difficult? Will I still be wanting to carry on conversations with my own head?

Yes I can see this and worse yet I have seen it many times. The elderly is not in a familiar class with younger generations. Whether it is a neighbor or family, we that are younger do not know what to say or how to act when we are in front of someone old or ill.

When I walk into see Al it is obvious that the nursing home is quite well-adjusted to the elderly that sit in wheel chairs and sleep or watch the other residents slowly pass them in the halls.

Then here is Al, his body pained but his mind still young. He is wanting their attention. He wants someone to stop and give him a moment of their time. These moments that I have seen over and over hurt me deeply.

You may or not be surprised at how many residents sit day after day with zero visitors. Family backs a way. I understand they don’t know what to say. It is awkward to see a loved one in a different setting than home.

How difficult is it to walk in and say nothing but a hello. To let the resident know that they are thought of. This I think we can all do. Fifteen minutes of your time out of a 24 hour period.

Between the years of experience caring for elderly, spending hours upon hours with my father and being closely involved with Al is what sets me apart from others. This is me, these patients have formed who I am. They are my future of looking in my own mirror.

When I was younger I had heard so many times that when we retire life is golden. Life is filled with travels, new friends and horseshoes and bingo. I agree for the fortunate few this is true. But for the other high percentage this is only a dream.

Broken hips cancers, loss of spouses can wipe out those dreams. They can place us in a pit of depression or leave us suddenly alone. It is the blink of the eye that is the dart of life. We can count on change and death but what we can’t guarantee is the quality of life that is measured from old and death.

So even though some may not understand or can’t figure out why a lot of my topics are about missing someone, aging and death, this is why. I will continue to write from my heart and soul, no matter what others say. Until they live through my eyes, feel and touch my heart maybe they will not understand my reasons. What I want most though until my end of life comes is acceptance.

To accept who each of us are is a gift. I want to take this present with me to my grave. I want to die with a smile on my face that shows I was happy, loved and at peace with the world.