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al and meDid You Know?

I have a Facebook page;https://www.facebook.com/terry.shepherd1


This is a place to speak your mind on one of my FB pages


This is another page I have where you can sell or buy antiques and collectibles

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Did you know that I collect crocks?

That I am looking for the clock that is a black cat with moving eyes and tail?(not new)

Did you know that I belong to Reddit and this is where you can see everything I have ever written? http://www.reddit.com/r/Journeyoflife/

Were you aware that I want to own just one antique doll before I pass on?

Can you believe that if you drop me off in front of a thrift store or flea market I am just like a kid in a candy store?

Did you realize that my very favorite book is Black Like Me?

Have you ever had to sleep in a car? I did once up on time

What do you think about a person who can laugh so hard she pees her pants? I have been guilty of this

Did you know that I dream of soaking in a claw foot tub?

Can you believe I hate washing the outside of my windows?

Did you ever think I would work for a place called the Candy Cane Restaurant? Yep, I did.

Did you know that I absolutely love sitting around the campfires?

My favorite smells are wood and wet trees?

The worst smells are roses and rubber tires?

Do you know that I would rather clean my house at night over any day?

My favorite time to eat is somewhere between 10pm and midnight? It is a bad thing I fight nightly.

Do you realize that the best posts I write are done first thing in the morning when my brain can not think. Words just come out. Well this is according to likes and comments.

Did you know that I would love to go south where all the country singers hang? Or visit Virginia or live in TN?

Did you realize that I lived in Stuttgart Germany for one year?

Well I am done and it has taken my mind off of today’s problems. Thanks for reading friends.




sun peeking out

sun peeking out

The soul is restless

Stirring while the

Outer shell sits quietly

Thoughts bouncing from

Edge to edge then taking a rest

Only to return to its habit

Causing more enhancement of moods

My mind is telling me I need to leave

To escape to unknown faces

Thoughts and ideas roam

Finding no perfect fit

The shell becoming tired

Feelings of sleep overcoming

But not really tired

Changing faces

Trading places

No one knows my name

Visions of laughter

Serenity and peace

Wash over my eyes

Could this be a reality

Is it only a dream

Walking a way

Not looking back

Ideas become blank

Pages with no writing

I ask for a thought

To be planted with in my heart

I’m so tired and weary too

I don’t know what has happened

Nor what to do…………

Terry Shepherd


I Wished

Book of Answers

Book of Answers (Photo credit: Caro’s Lines)

My spirit is restless this morning. I was awakened by the phone ringing. It was a company I have been working with in regards to  getting Al  out of the nursing home. Al is restless and unhappy. I don’t remember him being like this when he was here with me.

Not that our home is close to heaven; but I believe Al’s attitude has changed towards life itself. I had called to see why he did not go to a certain program last Thursday on his outing.

No one that I questioned at the facility knew the answers. I should not say this but I am thinking it, so why not go for it? How can a facility work together day after day and yet when a question is surfaced not one person in any of the departments knows the answers.

It just floors me or maybe I am too impatient. I ask and I do not receive. I am so bad at handling the unknown. I move throughout the hours and days like a mechanical doll. In the head sizzling, is the question that you try so hard to patiently wait to get the answers.

I may have Al placed and I have more quiet time here at home, but sometimes I wonder if expecting Al to receive better care because there is more staff than just me at home was such a good idea.

Now I am faced with the challenges of going through the linked chain to get help.  It seems that the priorities that need to be worked with for Al can not be done. The state will not allow the staff to become too closely involved. They can admit him, take all of his money, give him medications, make sure he is encouraged to eat three meals a day etc. But, they can not stop the weight gain, the lack of socializing Al needs and wearing the same clothes day after day. They can’t work on issues Al has unless it is through a physical therapy department.

I am just a rambling on mess. I am to the place that I don’t know how to fix things any longer. Should I toss this whole process as if I am putting a dirty dish cloth in the washer? How far do I go before I have dug up the foundation of this staff?

I finally got my answer this morning through the phone call. Al did not want to go to the day program. He was upset. He always knew that when I said the word outing, it meant fun and hopefully buying a coca cola item. He got angry that he could only take a few dollars with him because he wanted to take out all of his money in case he found a coca cola deal. Well maybe I should add another weight to my shoulders and blame myself for trying to make Al smile. I did take him a lot of places. So now I pronounce my own self guilty.

I get it to a point. We all want to get what we want in life. It is our human nature. The difference is when Al was here I could reason with him. No one seems to be able to reason with Al at the facility. I can’t sit here and blame his new home. Maybe it is the confusion of his Parkinson’s Dementia. Or maybe Al is simply throwing a tantrum.

But I do know that he was looking forward to going to the program because as he said, he was going to get to see all of his old friends. Now through babbling on like a blooming idiot, I have finally keyed in on the point.

Al isn’t recognizing the effects of his behaviors. He was asking me why he didn’t get to go to the activity when he is the one who told staff in anger and hurt that he didn’t want to do anything if he couldn’t have some of his money.

Now I see a child throwing a fit. Should I pounce on Al and let him know this is all  his fault? Let him see that his anger and hurt by not getting what he wanted ruined his own trip? Does he get it, or is it too complex for his thought process?

This is where my mind swirls and before I even had my coffee cooking a way, my mind was already a jumbled hurting confused mess.

You see one of the things I love about myself is I can move forward if I choose to. Now I am in constant state of being on hold. When the professionals don’t have the answers, who does? When they don’t have the answers, who does?

I can’t make any hasty decisions because I am dealing with a delicate unbalanced mind. I don’t want to upset the so-called apple cart. I sat on the bed and thought about it for a while. I then decided to go in and talk to my brother today; but I wanted back-up.

Not for the reason of my safety, but for the professional words to help guide me through the explaining process of what I wanted to say to Al. I called the facility and was told the lady I needed to talk to just stepped into a meeting that would last for 15 minutes.

She was going to give her the message to call me as soon as she stepped out the door. It has now been one hour and ten minutes and still no phone call. Instead of tossing this over my shoulder, flipping on my radio to turn my brain on auto, I will sit here and stress because I can not get the answers. Sounds impatient doesn’t it? I may have to admit that I am a little  this morning. But when you had a tiny puddle of mud in the beginning and after months of digging in it, you now are standing in a pool, I tend to lose that good patience quality.

Some things were just so much easier when he lived here at home. It was his and my decisions. It didn’t include 25 departments and hearing too many I don’t knows. Life was simple, when I look back. All I dealt with then was his sadness and depression. Now it is constantly looked at as how to fix it. This includes many meetings with hope built-in to them and walking out still unsettled. The alternative is to keep giving him more and more medications until he is a zombie in a restless mind and body.

I just wish now at one of my weak moments that Parkinson’s would fall off the face of the earth. I wish that I was asking Al what he wanted to do today. I wish that I had not placed him where money became the object. I just wish. Wow, I am tired all ready and it isn’t even noon yet.