sun peeking out

sun peeking out

The soul is restless

Stirring while the

Outer shell sits quietly

Thoughts bouncing from

Edge to edge then taking a rest

Only to return to its habit

Causing more enhancement of moods

My mind is telling me I need to leave

To escape to unknown faces

Thoughts and ideas roam

Finding no perfect fit

The shell becoming tired

Feelings of sleep overcoming

But not really tired

Changing faces

Trading places

No one knows my name

Visions of laughter

Serenity and peace

Wash over my eyes

Could this be a reality

Is it only a dream

Walking a way

Not looking back

Ideas become blank

Pages with no writing

I ask for a thought

To be planted with in my heart

I’m so tired and weary too

I don’t know what has happened

Nor what to do…………

Terry Shepherd


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