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Golden Girl

I didn’t know whether to go hide in a corner of my room or write to my friends on here. I have tears in my eyes as I have found out the truths that I have been searching for.

I look outside as the snow softly falls and watch it begin to cover the grounds and roads once again. This is what part of me wishes for. Someone cover me with a blanket and bring me comfort.

I would give anything in this world to have my parents back. I would definitely risk the snow storm in order to be in the comfort of their words right now. But alas, I know this will not happen.

I have always believed that God knows all. He works out our problems to our good. I have to cling to this as I have already shredded the ends of the rope hanging right above my reach.

I want to go into the kitchen and find anything and everything to stuff in my mouth; for food blankets me with comfort, but I will not as I realize I will pay the huge price of high sugars later on.

What I learned to be true, and as they say straight from the horse’s mouth is no program is going to allow Al‘s funeral bill to become a legal expense. The wording is wrong on the paper work and there is no way to change it as the originals have already been viewed.

I had already checked into a refund a couple of weeks ago and discovered to my dismay that of all the thousands that have been paid on it will all vanish but one tenth in a refund. This just makes me want to vomit. Not only that and please don’t think of me as hard-shelled but if he passes before me I will then have to pay for another funeral out of my pocket.

This Friday morning I am meeting Al with his driver at our doctor’s office. We will be getting Al an updated physical and also a form which will have all of Al’s diagnosis on it. Then I am to fax this to the correct number.

This in turn will be sent to another department to be approved or denied. What I didn’t know for sure until today is that this is for a waiver that will bring Al back home. He will go to a day program Monday through Friday for eight hours.

The lady working on this case told me that he is eligible and sees no reason why it will not be approved. She says this won’t take long at all. The next step will be Al receiving a case worker and she will then meet with Al and me and they will be checking out our home to see if there are any changes that need to be made for his convenience. I believe these changes are done at their expense.

I won’t mind having Al here because he will be able to go to the day programs. This is something very much he needs. After he comes home then another waiver is introduced and it will be possible that he could move into the group homes if he chooses or if it gets to be too much for me.This waiver is much lengthier and takes quite a bit longer. Either way I know that God is in charge of this whole deal. It will work out. I will have time still for me five days a week and Al will be back here.

What bothers me so bad is that the facility refuses to allow me the funeral home expense. The government sees it as a life insurance policy. I was told I could try to sway the facility to see things from my view to allow the funeral expense each month, but all they could say is we want our money owed to us.

I will never look at nursing homes again with the same eyes. I will never forget them suggesting to me that I sell Al’s personal things out of his room to help pay for his own funeral. First of all he doesn’t have anything of funeral expense value. I will never forget them telling me they don’t have time to chat with him.

I would rather have him  here where I know I love him and he will get better care than he received there. Yes I will be involved again. Yes there is a chance he can go to the group homes eventually, but for now, I refuse to see my brother slip into a deeper depression. For now I am thankful for the waiver to release him from their greedy and non-caring fingers. For the rest of it? the future for Al and me? I have no choice but to place it in God’s hands. He will never do Al or me wrong. I have to believe and trust that God will help me with Al here at home.

I went back and read some of the posts I had written a few months ago, but for some reasons I am not as afraid and worried. Al is weaker. He can no longer come at me. He walks very little and we won’t be together 24/7. He will have a life of his own and he won’t be treated bad nor shunned.

The tears flowing from me now and the urge to vomit come from the heartless people who won’t show any compassion for another human soul. I will not beat myself up for the what I have done’s, but I refuse to keep making the same error over and over.

As Rose would say on the Golden Girls, this facility can all go to He double hockey sticks!!

My one friends uses a common phrase that comes to my mind right now. God is good, God loves me, and life is what it is.

Oh and by the way friends, I prayed so many times for God to save the big snow until after I went to this important meeting for Al. I don’t know if you prayed also but thanks if you did. I know there is a God, I don’t have to see his face, I can see him at work. God held on to those big snow flakes. All there were was snow flakes gently falling. The streets were clear and I was able to go to the meeting and come home. About fifteen minutes after  I returned  home  God let loose of those flakes and now it is snowing like crazy. All the roads are snow-covered and so is my car. Thank-you Jesus for answering my prayer and watching over me and  Al. I praise your name and sing hallelujah!

46 thoughts on “More Changes

  1. It doesn’t seem right to like this post, but I do so to let you know that I have read it and my heart (for what it is) goes out to you. I know you are going through something I can’t comprehend, and I won’t pretend to. I have never been in the situation you are in. As for the people on the other ends, they could at least offer something! It is sickening that most of these companies are only in it for the money and that their humanitarian side goes out the window the moment they step into work.



  2. I agree with Alistair, it seems wrong to tick ‘like’. Even though it is now time to have Al back home, I do think you needed a break. Keep strong my love.


  3. Dear Terry, know that you have done, and continue to do, what’s right for Al. It was a good thing for both you that he’s had the nursing home experience. And it’s good, for both of you, for him to return home on different terms. With God’s love and guidance, you’re doing well, my friend! xoxoM


  4. I do like this post Terry, I know it is hard but you seem to have found the peace and the trust to allow God to work his will, sometimes that comes at a great cost, and the sadness is there, but also the relief. God bless you my friend.


    • oh Loopy you understood my post to the letter T. thank you so much. I have found peace as I know I have tried many ways and now I will let God guide me through the rest


  5. Terry …It is beyond me what the legal ramifications are but it sure sounds weird what is happening…do you have legal support…because I think you need it…

    Anyway, I hope you work things out and it is good for Al and you…take care Diane


  6. Another agreement with the other comments about clicking the “like” button, but I I did click it because I do like that Al will be so much happier at home with you. I don’t really understand the details about the funeral expenses, but then I have never been good at understanding those types of things. I hope you are able to straighten that mess out and at least get a little peace of mind, and I hope the doctor’s report is what you are hoping to hear.


  7. Love that you can find the opportunity to praise God even during the tough times. That’s inspiring to me, Terry. Thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. I know God has an awesome plan for you and for Al and whatever all of this stuff has been that you guys have been going through has some meaning, somewhere, Keep trusting in Him and giving Him glory and He will deliver both of you. Hang in there my friend 🙂


  8. I can’t click Like but I can tell you how much I admire your unselfish love and devotion for your brother.

    You have made what sounds like a good compromise, because you will not be burdened like before but you will still be able to care for Al.

    God bless you both. x


  9. Only you can be his advocate…do what you feel is best…I don’t know what is right or wrong…but, you have to let your insight lead you sometimes…I feel we know when God is leading us in a certain direction…Hopefully your short respite has helped you gain some strength…


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