Snow Flakes

I told you yesterday when I was blogging that we were headed for a snow storm. God had answered my prayer and held off the white stuff until I returned home. We ended up receiving between 8 and 9 inches.

Here are a few photos I managed to take so I can share the cold flakes with you.

snowy drive waysnowy pathsmowy footstepsnowy picnic tablesnowy rampsnowy ramp2girl on swing lampIn the still of the night with my little girl on the swing light I watched the beautiful snow fall.

Now that it is day light, I will be Larry the Cable Guy and say, let’s get it out of here, let’s get er done…………….

22 thoughts on “Snow Flakes

  1. whoa, that’s crazy! we were all set…had coffee ground, cassaroles made in disposable tins, propane grill moved next to the door, cars off the street with wipers up, and cranked the heat up (for when the power goes out so the house will have some residual warmth for a while) Woke up to ….nothing. A bit of rain. The weather channel says we’re getting snow Right Now, but when I look out my window, I just see rain. The winds are picking up, so we are bound to lose power tonight, so our prep won’t be wasted. Odd that you, so far south, have snow, and we have nothing. Probably the moderating effect of the Bay.


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