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You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

The first thing I would do is rub my eyes and stare at the money. All the plans I had made would come in second place. I am human what can I say? It would finally be a V-8 moment and I would carefully go throughout my house to see if there were any other tell taleย  signs of someone entering without my knowledge.

I would go to my routine without thinking. Make my coffee, splash cold water on my face to waken my eyes and thought process and brush my teeth. Oh wait I need to run a brush through my messy hair. Why don’t I have satin pillows so I don’t have to do that last step? LOL

Drinking my coffee my mind would edge its way to what were my plans. I would grab my date book and gaze through the boxes on the calendar. O yes, I was to have a doctor’s appointment. He was going to scold me for my sugars and my smoking. Well cross that one out and reschedule. It truly is a pleasure to put this event on hold.

Go to the track two days and walk. I know I should be sad but my body is jumping up and down with excitement to have a respite from this week. Aside from the guilt of not doing all I can do to be the best I can be; I can live with it.

The three days I have marked to go see Al does bother me. What am I going to say to him? What will he understand for me not being there? I will have to think on this one.Oh wait a cotton picking minute! He is no longer in that place. He is home here with me. Cross those thoughts out on having to explain my absence. The last day Friday, bill pay-day. I never have enjoyed that day of the week. All these bill companies wanting to take my money from me. What did I ever do to them? Well, I guess since I don’t pay late, they will accept waiting until Monday.

I toss the book aside and sip on my coffee wondering if I can get on my WP and shout it out that I have all this loot sitting here. Maybe I should not do that. I have heard those nightmare stories on 60 minutes. It seems that when people come into money, people you don’t even know come banging on your door. Nah, no one on WP is like that.

I have wonderful friends here. I don’t have to worry. They would be shouting along with me on my amazing find. Maybe I would make arrangements to fly, get tickets for trains, book what ever I have to in order to have every one of my WP friends here for a party to celebrate.

Yes, I think this is a fantastic idea. I love sharing and this makes me feel good. I will post on here my intentions and have everyone who follows me email me their personal information so I can make the arrangements for their arrival.

This is going to be so much fun. I am actually biting at the bit to make a huge picnic menu. Let’s see, slow cooked ribs over the open fires. Let’s throw on some chicken and some steaks too.

We will have more salad combinations than even the President has rested eyes on. I will make sure to have prepared dishes thatย  have no meat for my vegetarian friends too, this is very important. I don’t want anyone to feel left out.

I will go through old post and borrow some of my favorite recipes bloggers have posted for our desserts. Maybe I should get out the old ice-cream maker out and crank up some good old-fashioned treats. For drinks I will borrow the neighbor’s over-sized coffee pot. I shall make gallons of sun tea. In case we have any pop fans, I will purchase some soda too. Sorry there will be no alcohol at my party, I don’t touch the stuff.

Oh I am so excited. All of you can meet Al. We can all hug each other and talk face to face instead of chatting through the screens. I can’t wait. I have six weeks until everyone arrives. I better do some heavy-duty spring cleaning too. I don’t want any dust bunnies to pop their heads out, I would just die inside!

I would take some of the money and finishing paying off my car. It is my biggest burden. I still have a year and a half to pay on it, so let’s rid that puppy. I would go through Al’s summer clothes and see if he needs any adjustments made.

He and I would go on a mini trip to Florida. He and I absolutely loved the Amish restaurant we used to dine at. We would fly in and stay at a hotel over night. The next day we would drive by his prior day care and we would make a visit so he could chat with all of his old friends. I can just see his big smiles. This brings a happy tear to my eye.

After all is said and done, I would finish paying off Al’s funeral bill that is being threatened to be taken a way now. This will bring me comfort. I think I will add a policy for me also, since I have no plans made for my ending date.

With the rest of the money, I would place it in a secure safe. I just don’t trust those banking institutions anymore. They used to be such a good thing, but now it seems they charge for every little thing down to a signature. The safe is safer. I won’t make any interest on it but I don’t through the banks any longer either, so who cares.

Well now I feel so good inside. My friends are coming for a home-coming party. They will be camping out here at my home for a couple of days. I have the menu planned for the gathering. Al’s wardrobe is complete. We have managed to help Al’s heart burst from joy as he dines at his favorite restaurant and sees old friends. Our funerals are paid for and we have some left-over for a rainy day.

Life is good isn’t it? I don’t know who or what left that money on my dresser, but you certainly must be my brother and my guardian angels. You and God have seen our sorrows and our tears. Thank-you thank-you who ever you are.

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