Doctor’s Day

Hi neighbors, friends and family. I was picking out some music this morning to post. I realized I have never really let you in on the secret. I have two other WP pages, did you know that? I didn’t think so. I am so sorry for being rude. LOL


The first one is called My Music That Calms Me


The other page is called Quotes For Me and You




I didn’t sleep worth a hoot last night. I think it was because I had to get up earlier this morning. My brother Al has a doctor‘s appointment at 10:30, which is not at the crack of dawn. But a lady has to get herself all prettied up.


Al and I share the same doctor. I am not sure how old he is. I believe he may be around my age. He has the best sense of humor. I appreciate this quality when it comes time for an appointment with Al.


This morning he will receive a physical and the doctor has to also fill out a diagnosis form. This will be an important step to the moving him out of the facility process. Yesterday when I was having lunch with him I told him about why we had to go to the doctor.


I explained that we didn’t have a date to when he would be leaving his temporary room but he did good at processing the information. He did so good that every staff that walked by he was smiling and saying I am going home in a couple of days.


Immediately I would correct him and remind him I wasn’t sure when this would happen but he would say,”I just want to tell them.”


It was pretty foggy when I got up, but now the sun is shining and it is a whole 17 degrees. Today’s high is to reach 38 and even better tomorrow. I think I will pick up Al tomorrow since it will be nice and take him to Dairy Queen since it is buy one blizzard get another for 99 cents. Those are pretty good deals to us.


Just out of curiosity do any of you watch American Idol? Did you see it last night? I was happy with the contestants that made the top ten but I was so disappointed in the way Mariah Care


Mariah Carey during red carpet interviews at t...

y looked.


Her dress had a nude netting covering the breast area but I am not sure as to why. The dress was so revealing that her big knockers were all I really noticed. I am not stating that I love looking at big boobs, lol, but gosh it was hard not to stare when she was talking when the centers were the only parts covered. Maybe I am just getting to darn old for fashion statements.


When I was a kid in elementary I was sent to school in most often white cotton blouses. It must have been the rage back then or knowing my dad, he considered them to be long-wearing sturdy clothing.


Of both my parents it was always Dad who checked out my school attire. He would make me hold both arms straight out in front of me. Then he would check the back of the shirt to see if it was pulling. If it wasn’t I was good to go.


Dad had a keen eye for my skirts too. Sometimes he would get the yard stick and he would measure the length of the skirt to the knee cap. If it wasn’t to his liking I would have to go change. Now that I look back on it, he was protecting me from what,,,,,,I don’t know for sure. Maybe naughty boys eyes or maybe he just liked being proud of me. What ever the reason I survived. What Dad never knew is when I was in Junior High, I rode the school bus. When I boarded the bus I would roll my skirt waist so that my length fit in with all the other girls. I had to get by with some stuff when I was growing up!


Well, better go fix my breakfast, I don’t have much time before I see Al.


16 thoughts on “Doctor’s Day

  1. We used to get inspected by the nuns. The girls had to kneel down and they would measure from the floor up. The boys had their hair measured from collar up and from the bangs down. I was never in compliance.


  2. I saw Idol, I know what you mean! The singers picked were good though. Did you see Idol the night the one male singer lost it on stage, and said the only reason he’s smiling is because people thing he should?

    When I was a kid the father wouldn’t allow me to wear jeans to school…I still find that weird to this day…I would take them with me and put them on at school.


    • you sound like me with school clothes. I saw that kid who almost lost it. And last night, did you see him almost pinching his own skin he was so nervous about whether he was going to be picked. I felt bad for him but I also didn’t believe he was strong enough to endure the pressure throughout the season


      • i did see that it was obvious he didn’t want to be on camera. i felt bad for him too but i agree, he wasn’t strong enough. i’m actually afraid for his life, i suspect he’s suicidal.


  3. I hope that everything went well with the doctor’s appointment and I hope you made it to Dairy Queen, they have the best soft ice in the world. Where visiting them nearly every evening while I was in Victoria, BC – last summer, had forgotten how good it was .. but it was 20 years since I had it last before that.
    I think a lot of female stars … look like hookers – more money and sense, but they all have stylists … so I can’t understand where things go so wrong.
    I remember with mini, midi and maxi arrived … beginning of the 70ths. Long plastic boots .. and mini shorts in the middle of the winter. Mad and ugly.


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