I Am Reaching Out To You For Prayers

Prayer chain

Prayer chain


I have a very good friend who is hurting so badly. She has a daughter that is married with young children. Let’s call the daughter Lucy. Lucy had started a fairly new job. She began having headaches. These weren’t just the normal  pop an aspirin type. They were serious enough to go home from work.

Several days of this went by and finally they let her go because of too much missed work. I just learned a few minutes a go that she has been diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. Her mother is devastated and frankly so am I.  I have known this young lady since she was a year old.

Only God can bring about this much-needed miracle. There is no monies and no insurance. I know you are going to ask about the husband, so I will just add that at this time he is not working.  She needs to be in a hospital but they are refusing because there is no insurance.

Please my friends, pray for a miracle. Pray for time so that she is in the hospital exactly at the prime moment for her surgery. We are selfish people I agree. Her mother needs her, I don’t want to lose her and her children need her.  I come to all of you on bended knee asking for your help. Send this request to your prayer chains also. God bless.

72 thoughts on “I Am Reaching Out To You For Prayers

  1. Prayers and healing are winging their way to your friend’s daughter from me now. Tomorrow at 9.00 p.m. her name will be put on a list and all the people who do it will send distant healing for her too. Wish I could do more.

    Take care




  2. Reblogged and prayers. I want to do more but that’s all I can, for the moment.

    I deeply sympathize with the family. Why can’t we be all the same? – healthy, rich and happy. And here again, I will end up answering my own question: because the more fortunate ones are tested of their generousity and humaneness and the less fortunate ones are tested of their patience and love of God.

    If anyone can tell me the address of Mr. Carlos Slim and Mr. Bill Gates, I would volunteer to write them and ask for help. I am too certain though that God is much more powerful than these two top world billionaires, and so, I will just pray.

    May the Good Lord shower Lucy and her family with His infinite mercy and love that they may find the way to get through this problem. They too deserve to be happy. Amen.


  3. Reblogged this on Prayers and Promises and commented:
    Please pray for Lucy, a mom who needs healing from a brain hemorrhage.Sickness, get out of Lucy in Jesus’ Name; Brain Hemorrhage, you must bow before Jesus, leave Lucy now. Lord, release your Holy Spirit Annointing in and through Lucy’s body. Thank you Lord!


  4. Hi Terry, Lucy is in God’s hands right now, and expect a miracle. “Father, we lift up your child, Lucy, expecting a complete turn around. We touch the hem of your garment, and declare total healimg.” God is a good God. Blessings.


  5. How terrible … what has happen with your health care system – this is a shame on US. That somebody that needs an operation will not get, because they don’t have any money. It makes me sick to the bone – instead her children maybe will be motherless. My thoughts are with them.


      • What is that all about – in the most powerful country in the world .. they let people die because they don’t have enough money ???? That is totally against human rights.


      • it seems more and more the country is about money. the President just cut the mobile meals that seniors receive from two a day to one. most of these poor elderly can not get up and cook for themselves. it is just a damn shame all of it, sorry about the swear word but I am so upset with all the medical crap and cuts


      • Mum only gets one meal … per day, but she are able to fix a smaller meal herself with help of the micro.
        I think US is a big fraud … there is millions of millionaires that hardly pay any taxes … and then a single mum not get the treatment she needs.


  6. I don’t mean to be technical, but is there not a county hospital within a certain radius of her? She may have to commute further, but they will see her regardless of ability to pay. I’m just floored that she is refused treatment — at the very least, every emergency room must treat anyone whether they can pay for it or not.
    Maybe I’m just naive, idk, and I do realize there are places in this country where there are no county hospitals close enough to travel to without great expense. But God has a way of working these things out, and I truly believe He will, one way or another. Hugs and prayers.


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      • The thing about prayers is two fold–One -we really don’t know what God has in mind. Two–they may be working–maybe if we didn’t pray for him the suffering could be worse. That’s how I think about it–the prayers work but not always in the ways we think they are going to work. Maybe the prayers kept him from a full blown heart attack–maybe the prayers kept him walking as long as he did. Well, just my thoughts. I know it really doesn’t help you feel better at a time like this but we are all thinking about you.




      • I love what you said because I never thought of it like this. Maybe I had more time with him because of prayer. Hugs and blessings go to you my friend


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