I Took Your Advice

ceiling fan

Guess what? My furniture got moved today! I am so happy. Now it is down to the knickknacks sitting all over the living room. I have Al‘s wall hangings done and I have stuffed his closet with extras. My bed is made but I will be sleeping in the living room tonight. My television needs a box now that it is moved.

A technician will be here tomorrow morning. I can’t sleep without my fan and television. Especially in a strange bedroom. I went out this evening and bought a ceiling fan for Al’s new room. He likes to have a fan blowing on him as he sweats so bad.

I also wanted to tell you that I listened to your advice and called a meeting for tomorrow with the Director of Social Services, her assistant and head of Nursing. We will have a nice little chat. I will be explaining Parkinson’s to them and giving a more in-depth description of mentally challenged people. This should all be very interesting. Yes?

I am more upbeat tonight than I have been for a while. The hopes of Al coming home is nearing. I haven’t had the final approval but was told he is eligible. From what I understand he basically needs a level of care determined. Then a case worker will be assigned for him.

Case worker sounds so government to my ears. I hope this is a good thing. She is to be there for him and sort of rock for me also with questions and decisions.

I have been a busy little beaver today and am tired. I couldn’t rest until I told you all about today and the meeting tomorrow.

34 thoughts on “I Took Your Advice

  1. So glad that you feel good about things, even if they aren’t perfect just now. I am sure that you will have a good nights sleep. Good luck with the meeting … *smile


  2. So happy for you, glad the furniture got moved, clutter and things out of place causes chaos in the mind , now you can rest easy and be prepared mentally for the meeting where I know you will be firm in educating them about what they should already know. Do Not let them intimidate or bully you! You are right in your care concern and love for your brother and God is on both your sides.


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