Golden Glow

Photo of Rosa 'Gold Glow' at the San Jose Heri...

Did you see her walking by

A twinkle in her eye

The stride in her feet

Grabbing the ground to meet

I saw a glow from a far

I wonder who you are

What brings that smile I see

I want one for me

Please tell me who did this

To give the spring of kiss

I stop her in her track

And I tap her on the back

Please tell me I have to know

What gives you the golden glow

Oh this is easy to say my friend

What gives me this I will lend

It is such a piece of cake

I walked around the lake

I saw a group of people

They formed a sort of steeple

There was a man inside

Who had absolutely nothing to hide

He said please believe in my word

You can trust me he assured

I am the son of God

I have been here sent with my rod

To gather all around

To bow down to the ground

Please ask for your sins

To be let go to the winds

Then I will remain with you

I will help you in all I do.

Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt : Erasure

High School Sweet 16 Toast, DP, Daily Prompt

You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as though it never happened. What would you erase and why?

It seems in my opinion that the Daily Prompt forces your mind to go way back in your time. To dig up pain, hurt or embarrassment. This is not always a nice or fun thing to do.

As I sit here reminiscing on my past I wish I would have done one thing differently. I am sure there are several things I wish I could change. But I see it as mindless thinking and a waste of my time as I can not change the past. I must accept what I have done prior to today.

For this prompt exercise I will go back to the one highlight that I do ponder on at times. I wish I would not have given up on my furthering of my education. Why in the world was it so important to have a boyfriend? Or even think of marriage and bringing children into this world.

I chose the moments over the future. I know as a kid we don’t take the time to think a head. I am very proud of the schools today that encourage thinking and planning and keep with the idea until graduation day of high school.

I can remember going into the counselor’s office. Sitting down and discussing my tentative plans for my own future. I expressed my interest. He told me what classes to take and that was it. It was done and over.

It was such a small minute of my time that interest of boys was much more on the top priority of my list of things to do to make me happy. I did have sex younger than I should have. I did get married when I had plenty of time to do that. I love my kids to death but I would have waited. What was the rush?

This is what schools are teaching now. Wait, get your career. It is not a sin nor a crime to wait on settling down and bearing children. Now that I am older I could go to college, but I choose to be the caregiver I was trained for.

It is the monies, the financial stability that I lost. I get great satisfaction out of caring for someone. But let’s face it. It doesn’t pay enough to keep up with the changes in the world. Today you need to have a career behind you. You can not count on the happily forever married life any longer. Cancers have become a fear word as more and more young people get this illness. Partners and lives are taken swiftly and leave much sooner than we anticipated.

Now I have no one to lean on in my life. I have no big bank account holding all of my monies I have saved. I don’t have any insurance benefits tidying me through each month. For the first time in my life I am scared. Afraid I will be homeless. Fearful that I will end up in some state paid nursing home.

Why oh why wasn’t this taught in the high schools? I am not blaming them but kids need to be taught to not only look for a partner in life to share with, but also a way to protect yourself when you become old.

So in finalizing this prompt, I would say this is the biggest mistake I made. I can’t go back but I can hope that some young person reads my posts and learns something from it.

The Dream

Children, Baby new born

She laid there crying. No one could do anything to help her. The mother wrapped her in a cloth burlap and squeezed her gently to her bosom. Outside her hut officers were waiting for the signal to take this child and dispose of it.

Mama looked to the heavens and pleaded with God. Please dear Father, do as you wish to me but please save my baby. Give the officers a softened heart. Let them find a safe haven. Please oh Father do not let my baby die.

The flap was opened. Rays of sunlight shown up on the dirt floor. Working through orders one of the men snatched the baby from her arms. The baby was hungry but Mama had no milk to feed it. In less than a twinkle of a star the hut was silent, the baby was gone.

Drilled in to her head were memories of the blue eyes pleading into Mama’s. Dark curly hair that laid against the nape of the neck. Mama smelled her fingers and the still remaining essence of her baby rested upon her.

I will never forget you baby. I loved you the moment I felt your first kick deep within my womb. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I will think of you every day until I am dead.

The punishment she had been given for lying with another man would be carried with her the rest of her days. It is a sin to lay with another woman’s husband. She knew this, but the devil tempted her and she did not resist. One moment of weakness and it produced an off spring.

She laid down exhausted from her hours of labor. She drifted off to sleep and dreamed. A dream that she never wanted to awaken from.

Two men carried a baby. To take it into a woods far a way and leave it until it died. The men stopped at a small village. This is where they decided to rest for the eve. There was a well and they thirsted. Lying the infant aside they joked and drank from ladles with the other men folk.

Behind a large bush two eyes watched the men drink and be merry. Her own heart was broken. She and her husband had given birth to a child who never took its first breath. Her body shivered as she realized the closeness of the baby. She could almost reach out and touch it. She could smell the soft skin.

Without hesitation she moved closer. Slithering like a giant snake. When the men were too involved with their wild tales she grabbed the baby and was out of sight before the men realized what had happened.

She took the baby home. She heated water over the coals. She bathed the baby as if it was a fragile piece of glass. She pulled out from her basket clothes that had been saved for her own sweet child. She dressed the baby girl and decided to name her Hope.

When her husband came home she explained how the infant was left at their door step. God had realized her pain. He had delivered a lost soul to her to treasure and care for. The husband could only see the blue eyes looking into his. The tiny fingers wrapping around his own.

Words his wife spoke could not penetrate his own ears as he felt love for this infant swell in his heart. Together these two became parents and the three became a family. The infant became a toddler and then grew up into a beautiful woman.

The two men who had the responsibility to rid this baby finally took notice that she was no longer there. They looked at each other in fear and then they both laughed. Their bellies so full that it shook along with each laugh.

” I say we say we got rid of her. We save our own hides. Let’s stay here for the night as we planned. We shall feast on our own lust for women and fill our bodies with ale”. His partner agreed and they  let the infant erase  from their minds as they went forward to fill the night.