Golden Glow

Photo of Rosa 'Gold Glow' at the San Jose Heri...

Did you see her walking by

A twinkle in her eye

The stride in her feet

Grabbing the ground to meet

I saw a glow from a far

I wonder who you are

What brings that smile I see

I want one for me

Please tell me who did this

To give the spring of kiss

I stop her in her track

And I tap her on the back

Please tell me I have to know

What gives you the golden glow

Oh this is easy to say my friend

What gives me this I will lend

It is such a piece of cake

I walked around the lake

I saw a group of people

They formed a sort of steeple

There was a man inside

Who had absolutely nothing to hide

He said please believe in my word

You can trust me he assured

I am the son of God

I have been here sent with my rod

To gather all around

To bow down to the ground

Please ask for your sins

To be let go to the winds

Then I will remain with you

I will help you in all I do.

Terry Shepherd


21 thoughts on “Golden Glow

  1. Very nice. What a visual your words bring. Thank you for adding my writing.. Go Light Your World .. to your related articles. I will reciprocate. Have a beautiful day. Be blessed beyond your imagination.. bloom on…


  2. We all find shelter somewhere. I take refuge in The Buddha. We’re all the same person at heart, I think. Anyone who offers us wisdom ought to be attended.
    Enjoyed this uplifting work. Thanks.


    • I have given some links to your Poetry page but I don’t usually see them later on, so I don’t know if they are entered into a contest or not. Thank you for the compliment my friend


      • For some reason when people post things, it ends up in a little box on the side, that people have to scroll through. Irritating as heck, and we are trying to figure out how to disable that if we can. We have the contest post, pinned right at the top. With a little orange flag on it. Submit your poem there. Thank you for posting on the page, that is why we are there.


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