Dedicated To A.


Looking forward seeing

Also the past can bring pain

And sorrow as I stand by

And watch others making

The same mistakes

As I did once.

The mind holds firm

To words once spoken

Yet the heart is waiting

And able to forgive

And now the time has come

For the test of love to show

That family is above all other

Matters of the world

I come to you to say good-bye

As I know I will not have another chance

You meant the world to me

And even after you are gone

My heart shall still sting

As I realize there is no more

Time to say I love you

Time to say I’m sorry

I must let you go now

Into the arms of our Father

You brought joy in to my life

You showed me love and

Filled empty spaces in my heart

I will remember you forever

In my heart no matter where I am

I loved you then and I

Will always love you forever

Smile down upon me

As you sit at the right side

You are a good person

And I will feel the void forever.

Terry Shepherd


On and On and On

English: Modern wheelchair

English: Modern wheelchair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another story I am going to write about. I hope you are not getting tired of hearing about my brother.

I received a call today from an office lady. We have been having issues with Al understanding that he can’t take much money when he goes to outings. This is another similar situation. He was going out and wanted to place a car on lay-a-way at Wal-Mart. He needed more money than what I allow him.

She called to  see if I would approve it and I said no. Now don’t think I am being mean and rude. I just put up two long shelves in his bedroom. I filled them with his cars. I have filled every table and dresser I can and two bookshelves with his things. I can not afford any longer to place cars, coca-cola and other odds and ends on his floor because of his instability.

The rest that I had no safe place to put I bagged and placed in his closet. The facility also does not like him having these cars in his room because of theft. So I said no. I was planning on going to see him so went a few minutes early to talk to him.

I explained why he can’t have the car and he went into his adult temper tantrum. He accused me of not caring about him. He even went so far as to say that I thought he was a retard. Wow, that one threw me for a loop.

I won and he was upset. I dissected his issues and think that  part of him was wanting to throw his fit because he wasn’t getting his way. Another part of him really didn’t comprehend why he couldn’t have more cars. Lastly he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t have his money now. He thinks the facility stole it from him.

I have to admit I think they charge huge amounts of dollars but beside the point I guess. I told Al that he and I have to pay for him to be there. We would save the bigger cars for Birthdays and Christmas.

Finally he settled enough to eat and then his ride appeared to take him. I took her aside and asked her to please quit taking him to Wal-Mart so often. It stirs things up inside his head. That I would prefer if he went to the day program more often than not. I added that stopping to get a diet coke was not a bad idea either. Just keep him out of toy sections and antique stores. He doesn’t need to visit them every single week. She said alright.

I was getting ready to leave and I saw one of the therapist on my way out. She used to come to the house to do Al’s therapy. I stopped and chatted for a few. I asked her how Al was doing in his wheel chair therapy. She said, “We are almost done. He is refusing to do anymore work on it. I am not wasting my time on someone who refuses to do the work.  He claims it hurts to bad. As far as the transfer from chair to wheelchair, this isn’t going bad at all.”

I said,”What else are you trying to get him to do?”

She came back with “We are trying to keep him walking”.

I explained,”I have been over this many times with you and have had a recent meeting about not trying to fix the broken parts. I don’t want you to work on the walking. Not that I don’t want him to try but it is getting very difficult for him. I would much rather have you work on the wheelchair training. This is what he is going to need worse as you have stated he can barely walk anymore”.

She looked at me and said, “Oh I would think you would want him to keep walking.”

“I sure would like that a lot, if he could. He still walks but just tiny distances. It seems to me the wheelchair is going to play a large part in his life from now on”.

She turned away and went back to what she was doing and I turned and left the front doors. I was thinking,here we go again. Another day of I can’t get my point across. Another day of others thinking they can fix the broken pieces.

Can’t anyone hear me? I would give Al my legs if he would walk again. But the Parkinson’s Disease is bigger than Al and me put together. I have to accept that he is walking less and less and depending on the wheelchair. So let’s just work on that and leave it at that, please????

Daily Prompt; Silver Screen

English: Julia Roberts attending the premiere ..., DP, Daily Post

Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

I’m sorry. I don’t want an apartment you set up and all your money. I want it all.

This is a quote from one of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman.

Deep down inside a lot of us is a desire to have the so-called perfect life. Today it is harder than ever to achieve this as morals have been dropped to an all time low. Babies being born out of affairs. Cheating spouses is not even new news to us anymore.

Julia Roberts wanted to make something of herself in this movie. She had nowhere to start she thought, except by making big bucks being a hooker. She lived in a tiny apartment with a girlfriend. She was a beautiful woman most definitely. This attracted a most handsome man, Richard Geer.

He hired her for a night and then for a week. He lavished her from head to toe. She had to learn how to eat properly. Walk with dignity, and definitely how to dress for the public. She was introduced to the rich social media.

She not only made big dollars for being his escort and lover, she fell in love with him. He also fell for her also but was afraid to commit. When we humans are hurt emotionally we build walls around us. We hope to protect our hearts from yet another pain.

I have heard it said many times that the way you get over the loss of a pet or a partner is to get another to replace it or him or her. I believe there is truth in this. We will always have our memories. This is what is unique about our brains.

But we can push those memories to the back and fill the now empty space at the front with brand new memories. We can love one more time. We can do this with humans or new pets.

Richard’s business trip was over. This made the deal between him and  Julia over also. He knew he loved her so he offered her the world. Diamonds, luxury cars and apartments. The one thing he didn’t offer her was his commitment to marry.

She turned it all down and went back to her beat-up apartment. She made plans to move forward and to try to forget him. Does love grown stronger through absence? In this case, the answer is yes.

Richard broke down and went to rescue his princess. He lowered his defense wall and decided to take the risk. He loved her that much. Offering love doesn’t cost a cent. I love this movie because morals were kept in place. She could have had it all some say. To me she received it all when she was embraced with the total package. The gold box, holding security, love  and marriage was the one waiting under the Christmas Tree to be opened.

All of the other goodies, money, jewels, social outings were all just icing on the wedding cake.