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I’m sorry. I don’t want an apartment you set up and all your money. I want it all.

This is a quote from one of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman.

Deep down inside a lot of us is a desire to have the so-called perfect life. Today it is harder than ever to achieve this as morals have been dropped to an all time low. Babies being born out of affairs. Cheating spouses is not even new news to us anymore.

Julia Roberts wanted to make something of herself in this movie. She had nowhere to start she thought, except by making big bucks being a hooker. She lived in a tiny apartment with a girlfriend. She was a beautiful woman most definitely. This attracted a most handsome man, Richard Geer.

He hired her for a night and then for a week. He lavished her from head to toe. She had to learn how to eat properly. Walk with dignity, and definitely how to dress for the public. She was introduced to the rich social media.

She not only made big dollars for being his escort and lover, she fell in love with him. He also fell for her also but was afraid to commit. When we humans are hurt emotionally we build walls around us. We hope to protect our hearts from yet another pain.

I have heard it said many times that the way you get over the loss of a pet or a partner is to get another to replace it or him or her. I believe there is truth in this. We will always have our memories. This is what is unique about our brains.

But we can push those memories to the back and fill the now empty space at the front with brand new memories. We can love one more time. We can do this with humans or new pets.

Richard’s business trip was over. This made the deal between him and  Julia over also. He knew he loved her so he offered her the world. Diamonds, luxury cars and apartments. The one thing he didn’t offer her was his commitment to marry.

She turned it all down and went back to her beat-up apartment. She made plans to move forward and to try to forget him. Does love grown stronger through absence? In this case, the answer is yes.

Richard broke down and went to rescue his princess. He lowered his defense wall and decided to take the risk. He loved her that much. Offering love doesn’t cost a cent. I love this movie because morals were kept in place. She could have had it all some say. To me she received it all when she was embraced with the total package. The gold box, holding security, love  and marriage was the one waiting under the Christmas Tree to be opened.

All of the other goodies, money, jewels, social outings were all just icing on the wedding cake.

29 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Silver Screen

  1. The light footed brigade has always been around and I have a lot of respect for those girl, because the take a lot of shit that we other women don’t have take. But they should pay tax .. and have regular health checks – just like in Germany and Holland.
    I love this movie too .. I was in LA when it was filmed on Rodeo Drive – we where standing looking .. on fair distance, on a Sunday .. the street was all closed off.
    I think all women … love this movie … he are so handsome too.


  2. Well written! Such a great line, I love this one of yours “Offering love doesn’t cost a cent.” Sense, however, is a another kind of exchange and common sense ain’t so common anymore 🙂 Glad yours is, great message, thank you 😀


  3. This is my all time favorite feel good movie… on a bad day I play this while indulging on a bucket of ice-cream. I love that she didn’t settle for less and stuck out for her dreams. He didn’t rescue her, she rescued herself and then him from a lifetime of loneliness 🙂


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