update about Pitbull and child


I want to thank all of you , and especially you Terry Shepherd , for the prayers for this little boy. Nothing heals like the power of prayer and you have all proven that to me once again. When you are completely stripped of any control of a situation and utterly powerless to have an affect on the outcome the only thing left that you can do is pray. And when you are naked and bare and helpless and realize that there is nothing left that you can offer is when you need to accept the reality of your limitations and turn it over to God. You did that for this little boy and I thank you with every fiber of my being. I am humbled by your statements but I am not a hero. I believe anyone of you , including my eighty-five year old mother , would have…

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Flying Angel 3

I can’t help but write again


As my heart is being squeezed


Tears won’t stop flowing


I loved you so long ago


When I could see you all the time


And now the barrier keeps us apart


But my love for you has never  left my heart


I can almost feel God reaching down to you


I can feel his warmth entering  the room


As he is calling your name and I see that


You have answered him back


You may be leaving


But your memories will forever


Remain in my heart


I loved you then


As much as I love you now.



Have a safe journey


Tell God hello from me


I wanted to say but one more time


While you are still here and can hear


I loved you then and I still love you now


Here’s a hug and a kiss A.W.


Terry Shepherd