2 thoughts on “Blood and Baby Update | deepthinker52 (Update)

  1. Terrible … story, and it happens so often … with dogs and children – the thing is that a dog never forgets – if somebody has hurt the dog – it will never forget and then a day somebody comes along and do something that reminds the dog about what happen maybe years ago – and woff – it attacks – doesn’t matter what kind of dog its.
    Pitbull I have seen very aggressive and very sweet dogs, all down to the owner how his dog will behave. A couple of years ago a family dog killed the small baby in the family – without any reason, what they could figure out. Baby had been in the family for nearly a year. I really hope the little boy pulls through.


    • Here I hear stories constantly how sweet pitbulls for no reason turn on their owner or families. I am petrified of them. They are so muscular and their jaw muscles are the strongest part of them. I will never own one


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