#FWF Free Write Friday; Writing Wrongs


I found this quote yesterday and posted it to my Facebook page. I liked the snarky feel of it and so did a lot of others. So I thought it would make for a great prompt! Here is your opportunity to vent. A chance for you to ‘write the wrongs’. Share a time that you have felt wronged or treated unfairly, either by way of a situation or another person.

Many moons ago I saw the smiles in  different shapes of  the  face staring down at me in the night of the skies.

I always felt better when someone was smiling along with me. It brought more confidence throughout my soul.

Then one day things started to turn. I would glance up at the starry night and search for the smile to reign over me. It was becoming more difficult for me to find. Mr. Man in the Moon knew things before even I did. The stories are told in the stars as each twinkling light became dimmer in my eyes.

How devastating it is to be the last one to learn of betrayal. The joke is on me. The wide grin from above is portraying a signal that I finally hone into.

The forever love arrow has been twisted as it stabs in my heart. No matter how I twist or turn it remains embedded  in one place. Fairy tales are bursting at the seams as I realize the lies being spoken eye to eye are stretching from river to oceans.

Where were your eyes as I looked into the heavens? Were they resting upon another? Did you seriously mean to throw me to the ground with mistrust and turning love into hatred? Could you not see the tears in my eyes as I listened intently to each of your woes? Searching your heart; longing to be held once again.

The years we spent together, memories creating my own book to be only tossed to the seas. For yet another will pick up the tear-stained pages and write his own book.

Words I spoke sending messages for your ears only. Only to realize that your amour was shielding you from the truth. You chose to turn your back on me. You walked into another’s arms. You held her as you did me. Words you whispered to me now enter her heart.

Visions in my head cause my emotions to explode all over the duvete. I walk a way with my head held high. You will never see that the twisted arrow has now broken off only leaving a point of no return.

You chase your dreams. For a few moments life seems to be smiling in your reflection. I struggle to forget; to move forward. I look up into the stars one night and I see you smiling at me.

For as I have finally made my mark on this earth your life comes tumbling down around you. The twinkle in my eyes match the brightness of the lights. You had your chance you fool. There never was a blade of grass that is greener on the other side of the fence.

Now I walk with head held high. A bounce in my step as you whither slowly to the ground. Your soul turns brown as a dying weed. May you always look at me with desire. May your mind explode with memories of the past.

I look a way from the man in the moon and tuck my arm inside of his. We lean into each other and kiss passionately. Then he opens the door and we walk into our bedroom; a new fairy tale to create. New chapters being written of you and me.

29 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday; Writing Wrongs

  1. Good job Terry, glad you joined the prompt and as always hope we get to enjoy more of your posts. I’ve been enjoying following your blog… Keep it up, you don’t always know how your words touch others.


    • You are correct, I don’t know how my post affects others. I do hope that my writing causes a common denominator with people’s lives. Thank you so much for a wonderful comment Gray!


    • I don’t know what to do with it. I wrote a book that is now done with editing and is being now formatted. I have started the second book, but except for sharing with all of you, I have no other ideas……….thanks for a great comment!!!


      • You have to …. send the scripts out .. to publishers … look at Gloria, she has her book out .. and Noeleen .. ask them how they did it – you have to make it happen, Terry. You’re talent. Just go for it .. be bold and fill every publisher office there is .. with your scripts.


      • I definitely agree on that! You are so talented and you can chase this opportunity, I’m sure you can make it! 🙂


  2. I love the line: “Now I walk with head held high. A bounce in my step as you whither slowly to the ground. Your soul turns brown as a dying weed.” So descriptive. And I love the note of triumph you ended on. Life can throw some curve balls and we can be taken down, but it doesn’t have to last. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a silver lining in every cloud. It all depends on your attitude and the vantage point you look from. Looking into the vastness of the skies puts our small problems more in perspective and generates hope. Hope is what keeps us going. Good job, Terry.


  3. This prompt has delivered some emotional replies and yours is no different. This brought tears to my eyes as you made me remember that feeling of betrayal. It stings so badly and you cannot breathe!
    I am so happy that people were right when they said the pain will ease…at the time I could have never believed it, but I am here today, smiling. Writing was my healer and I am glad I was able to give you a window to vent too. I hope it helped some.
    Warm wishes and big hugs to you! xoxox


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