Joyce Meyer, God and Me

w5 - Joyce Meyer - dream

It’s as if it is magic

Something that is

Received through waves

Of air flowing from my mind

To hers; Joyce Meyers

Today I have struggled

With emotions bouncing

From every wall

Even talking with a friend

Which was very helpful

But something in the air

Being magic or God

When I flipped my TV

Station to Joyce Meyers

She spoke on exactly

My issues of today

How does she know

I don’t think it was her

For she was the instrument

That God knows I use

He spoke to her on

My behalf and she spread

The words that I needed

To bring me comfort

And peace of mind

God you are so awesome

When I think no one

Could understand

My foolish thoughts

You were right there

In front of my face

Bending into my heart

Hearing each of my words

And once again

You have proven to me

There is no other

Nor will there ever be

Who stands beside me

Who understands my way

Who ask me no questions

Who heals with a blink of an eye

I am on bended knee

Again once pouring

Out my thoughts to you

Forever in your debt

For what you do for me

All the minutes of

Each day and night

Thank-you so much

For loving me

And being my God


Terry Shepherd



10 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer, God and Me

  1. She speaks about me through the word of God all the time. I love her devotionals and I have read a lot of her books. I don’t like to read but her books are great. The above reading was wonderful. Thanks for checking out my blog. #beblessed


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