A Bit of Bad News and a Small Blessing From God

Wheelchair seating in a theater (i.e. giving a...

I just received a call from where Al is staying. I didn’t really know whether to cry or just do what I usually do, go numb.

We all go through things in life for sure. Some we know are going to happen down the road, but we play with the idea and then when the road stops, we are blown apart.

Can we really plan on how we are going to react to scenarios that come across our paths?

I had been expecting this call, but I guess not so soon. Al has been in therapy for one week for wheelchair training. The key to the pot of gold is to have him get from a chair or bed to a wheelchair all by himself.

The week went fast and the results were not so good. They tell me that Al’s Parkinson’s Disease is just progressing too quick. He is very stiff and slower than the world’s slowest snail.

I know what they are saying, I just don’t want to face the ugly mask. I tried lifting Al’s leg once a week ago and it felt like it had rigimortis. I know that sounds awful but that is what it reminded me of.

They said there is nothing else they can do to help stop this disease. He is about 85% wheelchair bound now. When he tries to walk he stumbles or falls. I guess I have to take the numbing gel off and realize he won’t walk much longer.

I know to some of you walking a distance of a yard is good, but to me it is so much like watching your child take his or hers first steps in life. I want him to walk all the time. I am not ready to accept this.

My biggest anger comes from the fact he will be 58 in May. 58 and confined to a wheelchair before 59. I know it could be worse. There are other people who have life much rougher.

But please, understand this is my baby brother. He is all I have left in the world a part from my own children. I guess I mean to say he is all I have left from my own original family. The Lord helped Al today. Al also found out the news that therapy was over. As soon as he was given notice of no more therapy, God stepped in and made the phone ring at the facility.

The gentleman that usually goes out on Wednesdays to the day program and a small outing was ill. Did Al want to go in his place? The facility called me to see if it was alright. I asked, ” Did you ask Al yet?”

“Yes, and he said yes”, they replied.

“Then give him what he wants. Let him go! Let him forget this for just a little while longer” I said.

Thank-you God for doing the little things. Others may have not noticed, but I did Lord.