Daily Prompt; Menagerie


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Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

female red bird at millersruby-throated-hummingbird-m450.jpggreat_blue_heron_in_golden_gate_park.jpgsquirrelI do have animals in my life but not in my house.

I get great pleasure out of seeing the first Robin in the Spring.

I feed the birds, mainly the Cardinals and the Hummingbirds and Finches.

I feed the squirrels all winter long. Now I am training them to wean off of my peanuts and look to nature for their food until next winter.

I do not have animals in the house. I have tried it but it doesn’t work with my brother here. I almost had another pet and then learned my brother may be coming back home.

I do not want to fall in love with an adorable face and then have to find a new home for the pet. I sometimes wish I had a big old dog that could protect me from evil. But we are not allowed to have over five-pound dogs here where I live.

So I take pleasure in wild life. They have became my pets to me. They count on me to make their days brighter, and I count on them for smiles.

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