Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Here is a slice of who Grey Poet is;

I continue to be amazed at the followers I have and the comments that are given. I write for my own edification and in doing so, I seem to have found others that feel the words that I share. I appreciate all the thoughts that are shared and appreciate knowing when I have touched a chord with someone. I have some that have been here from the beginning of my short ride and the others that I have picked up along the way make me feel humbled. Keep the comments coming. While I have no aspirations of writing a book or being published, I will continue to share as long as others care to read. Thank you for coming along for the ride.

I am not going to nominate anyone today.

I am not going to say old things you already know about me.

Instead I am going to show you what inspires me to write

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Walking The Boardwalk

I am sitting here wishing it were Spring. Wishing I could shove those windows up and let in the fresh air. Hoping I could get out and take a walk.


As I sit here I am looking down at my shoes I am wearing. I have taken to wearing shoes this past week. They seem to help my injured feet. Having Diabetic Neuropathy in your feet is a terrible thing. I can’t walk long. I wish that I did not live here after all in Indiana.


My kids are here but other than that, my feet hate the cold weather. My feet sense the cold floor and become burning torches. I am such a barefoot or sock and slipper woman who shoes are definitely not in my comfort zone as of yet.


When I was gazing at my shoes I went back in time. Back to when I first became divorced from my last husband. Anyone that wanted a divorce as much as I did will understand this next part.


The first morning I awoke alone in my own place, I was up and showered and dressed by 5am. I left my home when I wished and went straight to the grocery store. I found so much delight in buying my very own groceries. I loved putting them a way in my very own cupboards.


Soon after I was easily adjusted to my living arrangements I discovered there was a boardwalk within walking distance of my home. I was out of shape and the only shoes I had to wear were my nursing shoes.


I didn’t want to wear something that was worn and white so I went to a store and bought my very own pair of walking shoes. This was five and a half years ago. I still have them and still wear them. I don’t wear shoes out too quickly.


English: River Brant Footbridge Walking in a w...


I purchased my first headphones and CD player. My special friend, my camera, and headphones and my new shoes took off for a new chapter in my life. I loved it. It was freedom. A peaceful freedom where I was not intimidated by yelling or hitting.


Birds are what I heard. Squirrels darting from branch to branch. Greenery so lush I could get lost in it. At first I walked a mile in total. Within no time at all I moved up to five miles a day. I loved getting off of work and heading for the trail. It was my sanctuary, my heaven, my haven.


I kept up this routine for a few months. It was cut short by my Dad finding out he had Cancer. From that moment forth life has been a whirl wind of adventure. I took him to doctor appointments, gave him shots and medications. I listened to him. I kept him company. I part of me died when he did. I have never found that part that died. I think it was buried with him on that painful day.


Within a week later I was caring for Al, my brother. As you know this continues even today. I look at my shoes and I can smile. God knew I needed a bit of respite care. He knew that I would be in for the ride of my life. He allowed me to get in touch with myself and taste another side of me.


Today life is quiet yet hectic at times. There are days I cry out to my friends when I am  hurting. There are days when I do smile. There are even more days I go back in time and remember the wonderful times my new shoes, camera, and headphones spent hours in the woods walking the Boardwalk.




Daily Prompt; Menagerie

DP, Daily Prompt, Daily Post

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

female red bird at millersruby-throated-hummingbird-m450.jpggreat_blue_heron_in_golden_gate_park.jpgsquirrelI do have animals in my life but not in my house.

I get great pleasure out of seeing the first Robin in the Spring.

I feed the birds, mainly the Cardinals and the Hummingbirds and Finches.

I feed the squirrels all winter long. Now I am training them to wean off of my peanuts and look to nature for their food until next winter.

I do not have animals in the house. I have tried it but it doesn’t work with my brother here. I almost had another pet and then learned my brother may be coming back home.

I do not want to fall in love with an adorable face and then have to find a new home for the pet. I sometimes wish I had a big old dog that could protect me from evil. But we are not allowed to have over five-pound dogs here where I live.

So I take pleasure in wild life. They have became my pets to me. They count on me to make their days brighter, and I count on them for smiles.

A Cry to God

Brick Barn

A cry could be heard. ” Help me, please somebody help me.” A man who had been secretly living in the woods heard the echos of the voice. Stamping out his small fire he raced to the voice’s direction.

The man knew he would be trespassing but he had to help. He opened the barn door wide. His eyes adjusting to the dark inside. Yellow eyes turned in his direction. Fear took over the stranger. Urine ran down  his pant legs as he saw the size of the beast.

In the corner standing on several stacks of hay was a young boy. Guessing to be around the age of ten he looked much smaller than the wild beast who had decided he was hungry.

The animal turned a way from the stranger. The size of the two humans was an easy quest to be decided. Smaller was better.  He lunged at the boy and missed his mark as the target moved one more stack up.

The stranger picked up a shovel and charged the animal trying to hit him hard enough to knock him out. He got within inches when the beast turned and clawed him slapping him to the ground. The man rolled over a few times and bumped his head on something hard.

Turning back to his prey the creature honed in and leaped to the spot where the boy was huddled. With open jaws he managed to chomp down on an arm and dragged him to the ground.

The trespasser woke and saw what was happening. He had nothing to use. There was nothing to protect him  in sight. He once again charged at the animal. He landed on top of the wild animal. He rode him digging his legs into the creature’s side.

The beast released his jaws on the boy and rolled his neck back. He saw his enemy and tossed him but the man clung tight. The two struggled in the hay strewn over the barn floor. Each fighting for their lives. There was no thought of the young boy any longer. It was man against beast.

The growls from the animal stirred a commotion among the barn animals. The lone sleeper  in the house was  awakened. Pa grabbing his boots and coat grabbed his gun. Racing to the barn just as the boy was climbing down the hay a gun shot was heard.

The noise startled the animal and he took off running out the doors. Pa had meant to kill the beast but at the second he pulled the trigger his son was running to him. He fell to the ground crying,” Papa, Papa it hurts.”

Papa ran to him throwing his rifle down. He picked up his son in his arms and gently rocked him back and forth. As he glanced in the direction of the strange man he tried to sooth his son by saying,”It’s going to be alright son. Oh God, I am so sorry son. I didn’t mean to hurt you”.

Please Almighty God let my son live. I didn’t mean to shoot him. It was an accident. Oh God help me.

The stranger lay in the spot the beast left him. Too weak to stand. Blood seeping from puncture wounds. Inside he was praying also, and cursing himself that he could do nothing but lay here and watch.

The sobbing from the young boys body became quiet. His boy lay lifeless as he died in his Papa’s arms. The stranger closed his eyes trying to keep tears in but they found their way and were running down his cheeks.

Papa grabbed his boy and hugged him tighter. ” I am so sorry son, I am so sorry. God, you didn’t listen to me. You ignored me. What kind of God are you that you would let an innocent child die? Where were you when I called out to you? Why, why did you ignore me? he sobbed into the rafters.

He held his son close to him kissing his forehead. He ran his fingers through his hair. Tears pouring out of his eyes he finally admitted defeat and lay him down on the hay. He curled himself in a ball and sobbed for his child.

How can I ever forgive myself for this? What have I done to my son? I can’t live with this. Where were you God when I needed you?

The stranger tried to move and was able to edge his way closer to the son’s papa. Pain was running through his body and he heard his own moans coming from his throat. Still he continued to move closer to the grieving man.

Something inside of the father stirred him to move. He sat up with blank eyes . A look of anguish  plastered over his face.

Papa stood up and picked up his son. He walked out of the barn and laid the boy in the soft blades of grass. He walked back into the barn and grabbed a  horse blanket. He placed it over his son.

He then walked to the stranger and knelt down.” Are you going to be alright? Are you hurt bad? I can see the blood coming from you leg. I will go in the house and call a doctor to get you some help.”

He reached for another blanket and covered the stranger. He walked towards the house and disappeared behind the front door. The stranger laid there moving his arms and legs. Checking out his damages. He knew he was going to be alright as long as he got help.

He laid there going over in his mind all that had just happened. He drifted in and out of sleep his body adjusting to the pain. Soon a shadow over came him and he opened his eyes to look into the doctor’s face.

The doctor was able to clean him up enough so that he could be taken in the car to his office. He walked outside and picked up the dead child and placed him inside the back seat of his car.

” Don’t you think we should let the father know we are leaving? I am sure he will want to come along for his son.”

” No, there is no need. I have already called for an ambulance. I knocked at the front door several times but no one answered. I looked through the window and saw a body on the floor. I went inside to find he had taken his own life. I think we should get you to a doctor.”

The doctor drove his car from the barn to the house. He carried the son’s body inside and laid it next to his Papa. Carefully covering both bodies he walked back to his car. The ambulance pulled up and the doctor motioned towards the open door. He then got in his car and drove towards his office to stitch up this man.