Double Blessings

lighteningI got a double dose of smiles today from both Al and my own face. I went to see Al during his lunch time. He opened the sack holding his car and he just grinned. He said he was shocked then he said he was happy. Yeah!!!

He told me next that he walked down to the dining room holding on to his wheelchair. He said his pain was almost gone. This new stronger pain patch is working! I don’t care how long it works for right now I am happy.

We got ready to go to the dining room. He stood up and used his wheel chair to go to the bathroom. He still stumbles and almost falls but he did it. He walked all the way to the dining room. He was even quicker in his step.

I was so proud of him and so happy for him I made over him like cooing over a new-born baby. This made him so proud. I can see that the patch doesn’t help his eating or stumbles but my gosh he walked!

I am hoping there are stronger doses when this one becomes immune to his body. I don’t want him to be dependent but let’s face it, he is. He has terrible pains and this is helping. I just had to spread the word that today was a double blessing indeed.

48 thoughts on “Double Blessings

    • I was so happy to see him walk. All of his pain medications eventually lead to not working any longer. I hope this one last for a while and then maybe they can up the doseage


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      • I know it is confusing with my name being spelled as a guy. Dad wanted a boy. lol I am Terry, I am the one who writes. My brother Al is in the nursing home. It’s no big deal but wanted you to know. You have no idea how many times new friends think I am a guy. hehe


      • I always figured that you are Al’s sister. Just got mixed up with the names. Yes, you are indeed the writer – no mistake about that! Bless you greatly.


      • Not at all! That comment that I wrote, “I mean Al!!!!” was written right after I wrote the comment where I mixed up your name and and your brother’s in the first place, because I was trying to correct myself ASAP. Funny thing is that all along I’ve known you’re Al’s sister. The way you write, and the things you do for him, equated to a female’s way of doing things.


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