Impossible or Probable

AI probability density (triangular)

This is a prompt from Plinky.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

This is a fine line for me. What do I believe in that is impossible. What do I believe in that is probable.

Impossible may include ridding myself of my Diabetes. I have had this for over 30 years. It is definitely not going anywhere unless I can afford to have a pancreatic transfer. I hear they cost a lot of money, so the probable for me is a no.

I have been heavy my whole life. I blame it on my biological mother, well at least I used to. She gave me whole milk and that’s all I ever had for many months. Today’s research is that the fat in the milk is very bad for you. This is not impossible that I will never be thin, but improbable. Maybe I have gotten used to the weight I live in.

There are many things that affect our work to lose weight. Mostly though it is our outlook on our lives. Maybe if I had a boyfriend, it would be probable that I would lose weight. When I look at my age it then turns to impossible. Why bother, I am just getting old and having aches and pains anyways. You can now see how I have argued with myself after I lost the initial 100 pounds. If I lost 35 more pounds I would strut like a fine Peacock.

Some of the world would like to convince me that believing in God is an impossible dream. I have seen proof with my very own eyes. He exists. Even with Al walking today it is a  miracle. It may have stemmed from the pain patch. But where did the pain patch come from? Who gave the scientists the knowledge to be able to make these? God did.

I don’t think that living here in Indiana that it would be probable that I could have Florida weather. Now that Spring has sprung and we still have cold weather and a big snow storm coming Sunday and Monday, warmth all year is impossible.

These are just a few things I have thought of. I am sure there are hundreds of other ideas I could think of but I am hungry for my supper, so I am now stopping at number 4.



17 thoughts on “Impossible or Probable

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  2. Al walked today!! That is SO GOOD! And a great step with so much meaning 😀 I concur that some people would think that believing in God is an impossible dream but if I did that then my whole life would be put down to coincidence… and I don’t think it is that at all. 🙂


    • Evidently the patch is strong enough to take his pain a way. To see him walk a little ways was a miracle from God. We are here for a purpose. To do God’s work. when we are done we will go to heaven is my belief


      • Yep it is my belief too. Miracles are incredible. I am thankful for them always. 🙂 With enough faith lots of miracles can happen.


    • Your constant prayers help so much Rob. I hope that he continues to walk for a long time, but I know this is probably a dream in my eyes, so I am thankful for your continued prayers


  3. Thanks for the ping.:) I love what you wrote about the impossible and the probable; so insightful. Hooray that Al is walking! I’m sending positive thoughts and energy to you. Hopefully knowing that someone new is thinking about you can add another smile to your day. 🙂


  4. So happy to hear about Al. Good news is always encouraging. Yes, there are many improbably and impossible things we might wish for, but as long as we have faith in the Lord, we know those things that He determines will happen. Some people waste their lives wishing for the impossible, when they could be doing so many possible things.


    • I don’t want to live in false hope for Al to walk forever once again. I realize it is the pain patch that is allowing this. The dose of his patch is on the upper levels of strength. As he has taken other pain pills I have noticed his body becomes immune to it and the doctor increases the does. With this pain patch it can be increased two more times but I don’t know if that would be feasable. It is the strongest pain medication on the market. But,,,,,,,,,I am going to be very thankful for what time he is walking, this is definitely true!


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