Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Project 365 #200 190711 Back In The Saddle Again!

Ute nominated me for this very-inspiring-blogger-award award. One reason I am excited to receive this award today is it isn’t for my regular blog. It is for my blog that holds my quotes I make up and  post.

This blog and my music blog here at WP have never received an award, so I am very honored.

The many lines that flow in this award remind me of how I love my life to blend on this earth. I like peace and easy going. Quiet times and a movie.

If it isn’t a love and romance or could actually happen in my life time, I don’t watch it. I am a mushy person. I like lots of kisses, and love and compassion in my shows. I love watching movies that have to do with disabled kids and adults. One of my favorite movies on this is Rain Man. Just love it so much!

It is just like today. I took my brother out. Every street was busy with traffic. When we went to eat there were families with kids all over the place. It kept Al entertained watching the kids. It was alright for me. I don’t do as well with little tykes as I used to when I was younger. The noise and constant movement tend to get on my nerves. When I dropped Al back off and was almost to my driveway, my body started to relax because I knew I was pulling into a quiet home. When we get word that Al gets to come back home it still won’t be bad. Just the two of us and he watches TV mostly. I will be busy with him and my writing. But even then, I am in my home safe and sound.

I learned this little tidbit on Facebook yesterday. I even practiced it last night when I went to bed. If your car has the alarm on it for horn sound and lights, lay the key ring on your nightstand. If someone tries to break in push  the buttons. It should scare the intruder off and alert neighbors while you call the police. I thought that was a good idea myself.

Well Ute, thank-you very much for giving an award to me through my quotes page. I feel very touched by this.

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